Monday, January 19, 2015

Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 RC2 Reloaded

Just over four months ago I announced that I was stepping down from the active role I had maintained in the Bodhi Linux project since it started a little over four years ago. Today I am happy to share that I am returning in my full capacity as project manager/lead developer and I come bearing gifts!

Over the past couple of weeks I have re-familiarized myself with what has been going on in the land of Enlightenment and cleaning up the Bodhi build scripts (which you can find on my GitHub). Today I am pleased to share what I have been referring to as a "Reloaded" version of work on this third major release. To cut right to the chase I would like to share download links for the "Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 RC2 Reloaded" release.

Download Links

Technical Details
  • Enlightenment 19.2 Desktop
  • EFL/Elementary 1.12.2
  • Linux Kernel 3.16
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Core
  • Midori Webrowser 0.5.9
  • Terminology Terminal Emulator 0.7.0
  • nm-applet connection manager 0.9.8
The "Legacy" ISO image is a special disc tailored for older hardware. It contains the same core software as the 32/64bit releases with the following exceptions:
  • Non-PAE Linux Kernel 3.2 with i486 support
  • Enlightenment 17.6 Desktop


Unlike previous Bodhi Linux releases, the 3.0.0 release will have a more uniform look, instead of requiring the user to choose what the system looks like when it first starts up. This makes setup easier for new users, while Enlightenment still allows power users the configuration options they crave.

Live Image Splash

Boot Splash

Login Screen

Default Desktop


Wrapping Up

While I am not calling this a stable release, there is a good chance these images strongly resemble what our stable release will look like when it comes out next month. 

You can get support installing/using Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 RC2 Reloaded in the Bodhi Linux 3 section of our user forums. I would ask that you please do not post requests for support on this blog post as the comments section here is not designed for troubleshooting.

Thanks for giving Bodhi Linux and Enlightenment a try.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. great news! loking forward for the new release! btw if i download and install this now, do i need to reinstall next month when the stable release is out?

    1. Nope. You will be able to update via the package manager.

  2. oh boy christmas came late this year, welcome back Jeff, and thanks !

  3. Thanks for coming back to Bodhi Linux. Bodhi is the most interesting and enjoyable distro I have tried in the past 10 years.

  4. Welcome back Jeff, we are pleased to have you back!

  5. Welcome back Jeff!! Looking forward to working with the new release!

  6. Excellent news. We've been hoping for this moment. No one does Enlightenment as good as Bodhi linux.

  7. Tried Xubuntu, Lubuntu, LXLE, Elive. Nothing worked but Bodhi did ootb on HP Omnibook 1500. And it looks great, feels great, is great. Thanks a lot!!!

  8. Thank you so much for your coming back ! I'll install asap on my Acer netbook ;-)

  9. Glad to hear that you've decided to return Mr. Hoogland. I was starting to get concerned that Bodhi was going to fade into the Hall of Forgotten Great Linux Distros of the Past, and imho, that would have been a shame. Thanks for coming back.


  10. Thanks Jeff. Wish to see Bodhi among the top 10 distributions.

  11. Hello and welcome back Sr. Just one quick question, I don't think it could be defined as "support" so here it goes: Can I install Bodhi on a Windows 8.1 UEFI PC and set a dual boot without breaking the Win boot?

    1. I have Bodhi setup on a UEFI system, but I have UEFI disabled in the BIOS. Haven't played with it other than that.

  12. What a nice surprise. Welcome back Jeff. Bodhi is always one of my favorite distros and I test/use most of the top 15 distros on Bodhi is also usually the fastest running on my various hardware.

  13. Enlightenment is my 2nd "just by a little margin" favourite DE, after KDE. :)

    So customizable, and much more faster than KDE.

    Bodhi is my favourite DE for small compi, and I am waiting for the stable one. :)

    Been waiting for 3.0.0 since November.... :)

  14. how to upgrade from 2.4 to 3.0 smoothly

    1. Reinstall your OS. We do not provide a direct upgrade path between major Bodhi releases.

  15. Great news,. I love Bodhi and I'm looking forward to 3.0 !!! Thank
    you Jeff.

  16. Welcome back Jeff. I have been using Bodhi since the 1x days and its one of my favorites. So glad your back and looking forward to the release of 3.0 final. So far it's shaping up to be a very nice release in my opinion. We missed not having you around and it seemed the distro "stalled" for quite a while without you. So glad to have you back and I feel much better about the future of the distro again (not saying the other guys were incapable though).

  17. welcome back Jeff. we are very happy to know you are again with us.