Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sending Mixed Messages

Today was my first day back at University and one of my professors is using a piece of web technology called "Wimba Classroom" to relay information to all of the computers in our lab. Its really a neat piece of software and as with any piece of software I find interesting I looked up it's homepage to find more information about the product. During my visit there is when I found the following information that really sends a mixed message regarding what operating systems the web-based software will run on:

Ignore for a moment the fact that they refer to "PC" as an operating system and just check the two parts I've high-lighted. Anyone else confused slightly? At any rate the software loads right up for me on Ubuntu 9.10 using Firefox and the latest Java - but still.

At any rate it made me face-palm and gave me a good chuckle for the evening. Anyone else get annoyed when you see things like this?

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. I don't understand why 99.9% of people think that "PC" is an operating system. There is even a google chrome commercial where they say "browser for pc, linux, and mac". It drives me insane!

  2. Apple's I'm a Mac created this image, where the world was divided between Mac and PC. They bashed PC by insinuated that is was Windows (referring to Vista's problem).

    Then Microsoft retorted by the I'm a PC ads.

    Some people need to be hanged.