Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bodhi 0.1.3 Released

Two nights ago after many complaints, complements, bug reports, and themes myself and the Bodhi Linux Team pushed out our forth alpha release of the minimalistic, enlightenment using distribution. This release includes a few bug fixes, ELF Beta 3 packages, Firefox 4.0 B7, and a good deal of "polish around the edges" previous versions of the distro had lacked. For a full change log see here.

Some images of the new system:

As our development team is small we still only have a 32 bit disc available. This 0.1.3 release is a bit larger than previous versions, coming in at 385 megs (still under our 400 meg goal). You can get Bodhi 0.1.3 via high speed torrent download here or via a bit slower direct download (via source forge) here.

If you know of anywhere that would be interested in doing a review of the distro please feel free to contact me via JeffHoogland at Linux dot com (I would post one myself but I think that would be a bit tacky). Thanks for using Bodhi and please report bugs as always!

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Hi Jeff and the Bodhi Linux Team, just wanted to say more grease to your elbows, i really dig the vision of a minimalistic but functional desktop linux in a world where everyone is chasing vista and osx.

  2. Jeff, I installed Ubuntu Tweak on Bodhi and the software center won`t unlock. Is there a way of doing this?

  3. Not sure what you mean by "software center won't unlock". Note a lot of the Ubuntu tweak settings are Gnome related and will not work under Enlightenment.

  4. Superb............this is i have to tell about the latest version of bodhi linux .........keep it up.......

    Now the obvious question, how can i install bodhi linux on my virtual box..... i haven't find any install set up in the live cd... is it because of alpha ...or i just missed the install option...

    Jeff, this is the best enlightenment theme i have ever seen... you are great ... wish you all the best ....

  5. @jai ho

  6. Jeff, i have removed my sabayon e17 and installed bodhi... i'm pretty happy with that...i am pretty disappointed with the performance of flash in linux and windows... because flash sucks...whenenever i am watching youtube, we can see that flash is taking all the cpu ... i was searching for alternatives for flash.. i have used gnash which is pretty good but have some is in development so we can't blame it...

    then i found a firefox addon called flash video replacer ( ) it plays the flash videos in mplayer in the page it self... i like it very much

    i see that you have not installed flash in firefox so if you could install gnash or flash video replacer it will help users as well as these good alternatives... its only a suggestion and as we know we can install whatever we want from internet

    i really like the new theme and wallpaper..if you can create a new theme and wall paper for each alpha,beta release; we will have a handful of themes for the final release of bodhi linux.. and all the themes will be there in the distro so people can try different themes and select one which suites them best...

    keep the great work..wish you a happy Christmas and prosperous new year