Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HOWTO: Setup Comp-Scale under Enlightenment

What is Comp-Scale?

Comp-Scale is an Enlightenment module that uses compositing features to allow you to switch between active windows and your current virtual workspace in a fancy method.

Installing Comp-Scale:

If you are using Bodhi Linux comp-scale is installed by default on your system. If you are using a different base system I advise building the latest comp-scale module from the E SVN.

Loading Comp-Scale:

If you installed the module correctly you can now go to Settings->Modules->Look and load Comp-Scale:

Setting Up Comp-Scale:

There are two different methods of settings up Comp-Scale. First you can simply add click-able gadgets (Settings->Gadgets) to your desktop or shelf:

Or you can setup key bindings:

What does Comp-Scale Look Like?

The first gadget - Scale Windows - gives you a composited view of all the windows on your active work space:

The second gadget - Scale all Windows - displays all open applications running across all your work spaces:

Finally, the third gadget - Scale Pager - triggers an overview of all your virtual work spaces:


Short Enlightenment tutorials are something I hope to start doing on a regular basis. The Enlightenment desktop is extremely flexible and there are a great number of things you can do with it. Personally I learned everything I did about the desktop largely by following the IT flow chart and I advise everyone else interested in learning the desktop to do the same. The Bodhi Guide to Enlightenment is also a great resource for learning the E17 desktop.

If there is something you are interested in learning how to do, drop a comment below and hopefully I can address it in a future post

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. its one of those wow effects that gets em every time and it make navigating windows insanely fast I second that Awesome!

  2. IT flowchart is also very useful ;)

  3. Looks like it's time for me to set up an e17 desktop and give it another try...

  4. Awesome - as soon as I have updated to 1.3 I am going to install this!

    What I would love to see is an Idiots Guide to Getting your Asus N13 (linux compatible) wireless USB to work with Bodhi...

    I have a few web pages open, but none of them explain it in the terms a simpleton would understand (e.g. start terminal, type sudo make etc etc, unpack files to this directory etc etc).


  5. Send me the hardware in the mail and I'll write the easy howto for it ;)

  6. Great, now how to I get my 17inch multi touch N-Trig to convert gestures to key commands? :) I guess the real question is will Bodhi 2 include utouch, geis, grail, and ginn support without Ubuntu's bass-akwards default gestures? And before you ask I will not be shipping my favorite laptop to your house for 'testing purposes'.

  7. smallblack - check out easystroke for converting gestures to key commands.

    As for utouch - adding all of that requires a giant backporting. With Bodhi 2.0.0 being based on 12.04 only 6 months away, users are just going to have to wait for that release to gain utouch.

  8. I love the scale windows module! Takes me back to compiz but without the Unity and other stuff. It even works on my 8-9 year old desktop!
    The tutorials is a good idea, I think so hopefully it works out well.

  9. Yet another nice guideline :)
    Thanks Jeff.