Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bloathi Linux

Bodhi Linux is mainly built around two things - the Enlightenment desktop and a minimalistic approach to software. Even with these goals stated we still have users (and review writers) that complain about the lack of pre-installed software Bodhi comes with by default.

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With this in mind one of the Bodhi forum members, Timmy, has put together a remaster of the latest Bodhi ISO image that he has cleverly called

"Bloathi Linux" 

Bloathi is simply the latest Bodhi release with a slew of pre-installed software setup on it. By default it comes with:

GEdit (Replaces Leafpad)
Jockey-GTK (Maybe better known as "Hardware Drivers")
LXKeyMap (Keyboard Layout Switcher)
LXRandr (Monitor Settings)
Sun Java 6 (JRE and plugin)
Gnome System Monitor
Gnome System Manager
Simple Scan
Adobe Acrobat Reader

You can find the ISO (and md5sum) for the disc hosted on source forge here. If you'd like to make suggestions for Timmy, you can find a forum thread he has posted here.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Not really for me. I'm happy with the minimal install

  2. Good idea for people reliant on a dongle for Internet access.
    Not really " bloated", but not too " minimalist" either.
    I would suggest this should be a boon to Internet Dongle users with limited financial resources who don't want to spend their pay and go on downloading programs.

  3. The average user might as well be downloading this instead of the normal Bodhi because most users are going to be downloading the majority of the things included in Bloathi anyway to make their default and "minimalist" (useless) Bodhi install actually productive and useful for something. Calling this version Bloathy because it already provides many of the things most people will be installing anyway is just silly. I will never forget the one time i saw on the Bodhi forums a thread that Jeff Hoogland started where he was talking about how he is wanting to find something more lightweight than LXDM as the login manager for Bodhi. And the LXDM program is less than one megabyte in size. Some people truly take things to ridiculous extremes when it comes to concepts of lightweight or bloated. And calling this remaster Bloathi is yet another prime example of that.

    1. "Bloathi" was not my name. I did not produce this ISO image, simply wrote a short post about it.

      You are also taking the LXDM post out of context. It was along the lines of looking for something as light as LXDM, but supporting more features is what we want. Odds are we will be moving to LightDM come our 2.0.0 release.

    2. Well i wasn't saying that Bloathi was your creation or named by you. But here is exactly what you said on that forum post that i mentioned. And no, i didn't take it out of context.

      "LXDM is decent, but I really would like something lighter (SLiM is out of the questions before someone suggests it - does not play well with E).

      Been looking at LightDM also working on trying to get the EFL Elsa working...

      Both good ideas I believe."

    3. Yep. And both LightDM and Elsa support more features than LXDM as stated above.

    4. features were never talked about anywhere in the thread, just "lighter"

    5. I always look at "light" in relation to features brought with size. For instance even if light DM is the same weight (or less) than LXDM it offers more features. Thus it really is lighter.

  4. Jeff

    Would be cool if you had 2 versions of Bodhi Linux officially released by yourself... the minimal version and a newbie friendly out of the box experience that requires minimal fuss by newbies.... Bodhi is the best e17 distro available... especially being based on Ubuntu Lts editions.... but it is a large learning curve for new users who want an easy to use out of the box distro... which imo results in less users adopting E17 even though it's awesome... would be cool to have a spin geared towards new users that has codecs, flash support, gtk-jockey with a set of the best everyday applications.... midori is awfully unstable... and bodhi forces people to have to research into what applications to install to perform basic functions... like "opening a picture" which would frustrate some...

    what do you think? Bodhi Minimal install and Bodhi Full install.... Unless ofcoarse you are only interested in attracting intermediate users? Would be a wise move to attract a larger userbase from absolute newbie - intermediate +

    Most newbies would get frustrated quite quickly and go for an alternate distro like mint which requires minimal user intervention... just saying it would be a good idea which wouldn't be hard to provide users with this choice and will greatly benefit and increase the userbase of Bodhi

    just my thoughts


    1. I live in the USA. Last I checked it is very much illegal for me to distribute software containing flash, codecs and libdvdcss - so even if I wanted to. I couldn't.

  5. @Jeff
    what about including tools to automate the process... like Ubuntu?

    1. Any suggestions for this disc need to be directed to the disc's creator.

  6. whether bloathi supports broadcom wireless drivers

  7. Writing on freshly installed Bloathi. RunEverywhere window was not wanting to go away in LiveDVD with Escape... now working in installed. Install icon was not shown on the desktop, but opening the Destop directory, the file was there and I was able to run it. Running with 56k modem, used pppconfig, working very well. Thanks a lot!

  8. if you live in the US, why does bodhi default to Sophia, Bulgaria timezone?