Monday, June 11, 2012

A Bodhi Linux 2.0.0 FAQ

I've been getting a good deal of redundant questions regarding Bodhi's upcoming 2.0.0 release. Today I would like to address a few of the more common questions I've been getting.

When is the release date?

No idea. I live strictly by "its ready when its ready" philosophy for the software I work on. Setting strict release dates causes buggy software to be marked as "stable". Our targeted release month is July - but who knows it could be ready before then.

What is the main difference between 2.0.0 and 1.x.y?

The Ubuntu base is the main difference. Our 1.x.y series is based on Ubuntu 10.04, while 2.0.0 is built on top of 12.04

Can I upgrade my Bodhi Linux 1.x.y install to Bodhi 2.0.0?

No. A full reinstall will be required.

Will there be 64bit support?


What are the minimum system requirements?

The minimum system requirements will be about the same as Bodhi 1.x.y. Currently they are looking like:
300mhz processor
128mb RAM
2gig of hard drive space

Will it be faster than Bodhi 1.x.y?

Could be. It will not be slower to say the least.

How big will the disc download be?

Since we do not have a final stable version as of yet I cannot say for sure. Expect it to be under 500mb though.

Can I upgrade from 2.0.0 pre-release to the final 2.0.0 version?


I think that about covers all the common questions I have gotten. If you have another question regarding this release feel free to drop a comment below.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Is Bodhi built with remastersys or revisor?

    1. I use remastersys to build our ISO images.

  2. I downloaded the Live Alpha (or pre Alpha) and it didn't recognize my Broadcom wireless on my laptop. Is that going to be fixed? I know it works flawlessly on my 1.x installs. Just curious. It as 43xx driver, if I remember right. Dell Inspiron 1501. I've been using Bodhi almost since the start and the wireless has always been good with it. Now Ubuntu is another matter. The last two years it has not been working with my Broadcom wireless.

    Thanks for such a great distro and all the hard work you and the team do.

    Vince Meiste

    1. Ahh - I must have left out the boardcom firmware I'd been including in my 1.x.y releases - I'll add it to the next disc image. If you can get a wired connection you should be able to easily set this up yourself.

    2. Hey Jeff,

      I installed the latest pre release alpha 4 or build 4 what ever it's called. There is still no Brodcom firmware support for my wireless and also my USB wireless dongle D-Link WUA1340 which shows up as a RA-LINK or something or other is not being recognized either by the Network Manager. FYI

    3. Forgot the firmware again - added it to my TODO list - it will be there by the final release.

      As for your USB wireless, you'd need to track down which kernel modules are missing that it requires. All our kernel builds come from upstream Ubuntu - so you would need to report the issue with them.

      It is near impossible to support all hardware is a given build/kernel - this is why it is best to use open source friendly hardware.

  3. Yeah, I know I could have done the wired thing. But just brought this up to see if you were aware of it. No biggie. Now you know!

    Take care.


  4. Cool! Waiting for bodhi 2.0.0! Thanks for the good job.

  5. I hope this version will work on the Eeepc 701 ! Seems difficult with 2.0gb hard space required :(.

  6. how about being based on Debian?

    Would be so awesome

  7. Jeff,

    It's amazing what you and your team have done in such a short time. One request, though:

    Is there any chance you might consider offering the alternate installer that's an option with Ubuntu and the official derivatives (Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and Kubuntu)? Full disk encryption and LVM are important features to many of us, and we'd love to use a lightweight yet full-featured distro like Bodhi if we could have them with it.

    Thank you!

    1. While we would love to have something like this - lack of man power prevents us from offering such things at this current point in time. Adding 64bit and ARM pretty much saps all my extra time these days.

  8. So it will be impossible to upgrade from 1.x to 2.0 final release?

    1. True, You have to make a fresh instal.

  9. I'm thrilled/proud/stunned that Bodhi 2.0 will run on specs worse that my first laptop, bought in year 2000, exceeded. That laptop was a PIII, 550 Mhz, 128MB RAM, 4G HDD. And if it were alive today Bodhi would run on it with room to spare. Bravo guys!

  10. Hi,
    I am loving Bodhi on my Acer Aspire. But I don't know how to put Ecomorph on 2.0 am I missing something? It keeps saying something about repositories. Is this something that's not working yet or just me.

    1. Ecomorph is not currently in the 2.0.0 repos. We will be adding it after out release.

  11. Jeff,
    Great work. 2.0 RC is lightning fast and stable as ever.
    Sorry I could not resist.
    Can you give us any heads up for the final release?
    I am happily using the RC. Would wait until the final getting released.. Just curious though..

  12. Hello!

    Ubuntu 12.04 have changed some stuff to network management and there is a problem with DNS resolving and static IP addresses. Is Bodhi 2 using same network renovations as Ubuntu 12.04 or did you make some unique changes there?

    If I am at home, the internet connection is not available in Ubuntu 12.04 no matter what I do, no recommended actions solved the problem, But if Bodhi 2 uses some different approaches this would mean my headaches regarding internet connection at home will be over, especailly when finally Bodhi has 64bit version :)

    Anyway congratulations on this new cool release. I will soon check it out :)