Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bodhi Linux 1.2.1 and other Updates

At little over a month ago the Bodhi team and I released our second update release. We were unaware at the time that the version of GCC used to compile the kernel on this release had an issue that caused an issue for some users when compiling and inserting extra kernel modules (such as the nvidia drivers and Virtual Box). This update release today contains a kernel in which this issue has been resolved.

If you already installed Bodhi 1.2.0 (or an earlier release) and your system is working fine (odds are it is, this issue was only affecting some users) there is no reason to install this new release. It is simply a bug fix release so the ISO image has the updated kernel by default.

You can find the new ISO image in high speed torrent download here or via direct download here.

Speaking of the nVidia driver - we know that jockey-gtk did not play nicely with Bodhi because we do not force kernel updates as Ubuntu does. Because of this we developed our own GUI tool that automates the installation of the current nVidia driver. You can find that here.

I would also like to publicly announce that our new browser based "App Center" is ready for use. While it may not look terribly different from the software page we had been using for the past several months, this new "App Center" has been written from scratch and no longer utilizes Doku Wiki. Currently the most notable new features are an RSS feed for new applications added and an "instant" search box.

We plan to add more features to the App Center in the future including user accounts that will integrate with our forums. While having an account on the App Center will be optional, it will eventually allow users to rate/comment on applications and most importantly it will allow them to save "App Sets" so that if they install Bodhi on another computer (or reinstall on the same one) they can easily re-download all their software with a single click.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Thanks for the fix!
    I know you may not like closed source stuff, but the best virtual client for me happens to be VmWare and I was wondering if you could do a screencast on how to install the .pl file in it's Tool folder so I could fully use your distro, thank you!

  2. Building kernel modules should be as simple as:

    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential

    Then installing as normal.

  3. You can run .pl file by doing.
    chmod +x your_pl_file

  4. Hey Jeff,

    Thought you should know there are problems with the Bodhi Linux site. The forums appear to be gone and other links are not working as well. I assume this must be a server issue.

    I'm using Bodhi 1.2 and am downloading the 1.2.1 update, but not sure if that means a reinstall of the OS or not to fix the issues it addresses.

    I type this as I am barely awake this morning. Have a great day! :)

  5. Waiting on DNS updates -

  6. Thanks, Jeff.

    Is it necessary to reinstall the system to get the update? Is there an update application available like Ubuntu or Mint has?

    I am really liking Bodhi, but E17 is new to me.


  7. Bodhi Linux is semi rolling-release. Meaning you only have to reinstall for our major release (never a point update). Please see here for information on updating your Bodhi install.

  8. All went well with the update. Thanks, Jeff!

  9. I am not able to subscribe to rss feed of app center. While I managed to subscribe to your blog feed.

    What could be wrong.

    Using Opera 11.5

  10. Was a stray white space in the rss feed code. Fixed now,

  11. tried 1.20 but couldn't get K9copy and wine to work. Shame because Bohdi is fast and beautiful.

  12. You should drop a post on our forums Tom. I personally use Wine and K9copy on Bodhi so I know they work :)

  13. Is there a way to install fglrx driver with the kernel 3 used in bodhi ?

  14. ATI does not provide a functional driver for the 3.x series kernel.

    If you want ATI closed source drivers you will need to install the 2.6.35 kernel from our official repositories.

  15. One issue that I have had with Bodhi 1.2 is that the Places gadget no longer works. I upgraded from 1.1 to 1.2 and then it stopped working. Did a fresh install of 1.2 on another machine and same problem. Adding the gadget just shows a box (the move/resize one) on the desktop but it can't be seen or used afterwards. Is there any fix? I'd appreciate any help.

  16. Check our user forums, the placed gadget is currently broken in the E SVN. This means it will not work with a current E revision until the code is corrected.

  17. After visiting 'DistroWatch' and perusing your sites I am quite awe struck by the meteoric rise of your distro... It is exquisite...

    Worse, I am leaving my beloved 'Slackware' (4yrs of marital bliss) tonight to 'shack up' with 'Bodhi'...


    John (

  18. Let me know what you think John :)

  19. Greetings!

    Well, Bodhi seems to be what an operating system should be - aesthetically pleasing, responsive and stable. I alternate between Bodhi and Slackware as I compile most of the packages I use using the latter.

    I think it likely Bodhi will gain further ground as the "Unity" malcontents decamp to other Ubuntu forks.

    If you made it even easier i.e produced specific versions of Bodhi for different users: e.g. one tailored for artists and graphic designers, another for developers and programmers etc. With a .bod package to enable said functionality... Then you would certainly outflank rival forks!

    Keep up the good work!

    John (