Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Flashless Future

Adobe Flash

Those two words have driven fear, annoyance and hate into the hearts of many users and developers for some time now. I am here to say today, in case you had not noticed, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I say with certainty that the days Adobe Flash enjoys as a dominant web development tool are numbered.

Don't believe me? Just take a look at the many popular flash based services that are moving away from the stale technology. Two such examples of this are the music streaming service Pandora (which is now fully HTML5) and the popular video streaming site Youtube (which currently offers a beta HTML5 version). Google+ also display any linked to Youtube videos using the HTML5 technology.

It isn't just websites that are predicting the end of flash though. Microsoft recently announced that it's new version of Internet Explorer for Windows 8 on ARM will not support plugins of any sort. In fact they went so far to state the obvious:

Java script and HTML5 technologies are the way of the future for web design.

While FOSS advocates such as myself have felt this way for some time it was wonderful to hear it come from the king of closed source software.

Finally, the last sign that flash will soon be a thing of the past is Adobe's own "Edge Technology". Edge is designed to help web developers create web content using only Java Script, HTML5 and CSS3. When even the creator of flash realizes their  technology is on the way out I hope everyone else does as well.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Im not so sure that its gonna be all HTML5 and roses.

    There is that whole video and codec thing that will blow up sooner rather than later
    And we know that Apple and MS do not want open standards wherever they can find an advantage.
    there are many ways that you can have an HTML5 standard and still wreak havoc with videos, i dont see this problem going away. if anything, its once everyone is onboard that you will see the lawsuits and the cartels get into the act.

    Im not thrilled about proprietary standards but at least we know were we stand with Flash.
    And I give them credit for seeing the light when their format is dying off as opposed to MS habit of scorched earth policy when an ODF comes along to upstart their .doc format.

    And users dont really care about the anti-Flash obsession, they want to play their little games.
    i work in a small computer store and you are talking about developers here not what joe user cares about.

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