Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Application Spotlight: Parcellite

After getting a few comments on my post about NCDU I've decided I'm going to start doing a few posts a month with the topic of "Application Spotlight". Basically I am going to feature applications I use on my Linux desktop every week that I feel haven't seen enough attention in the FOSS world to date.

Today I would like to talk about a light weight clip board manager called:

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A clipboard manager is one of those small things I have that make using my Linux desktop more enjoyable (it is also one of the things I miss the most when sitting down in front of someone else's computer). A clipboard manager essentially just saves the last couple of dozen lines you have saved with ctrl+c:

If you can't think of any situations in which a tool like this is useful I ask you to simply use it for a few days and you will find a few. I like parcellite because in addition to being stable it is also light weight, it's installation leaves a fairly minimal footprint (just a few GTK things).

Parcellite is also fairly configurable:

All in all I believe Parcellite is an excellent piece of software. It is almost always one of the first things I install while setting up a newly installed Linux distro. Give it a try and let me know what you think of it.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. I've been using Clipit, which was forked from Parcellite (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtkclipit/). It's one of my "must have" pieces of software. Have you tried it? And, if so, how does Parcellite compare to it?

  2. Jeff,

    Please do more posts like this, they are a great way to contribute to knowledge-sharing.


  3. Well, I'll be looking forward to these posts

  4. I used to use Parcellite too, and I tried all the others I could find; glipper, klipper, etc. but I missed features that were not there.
    Finally I decided to try and write my own, also in GTK+ (and Python). It's coming along well, I use it everyday.

    Features are:
    Clips saved in a SQLite database.
    History is sortable different ways.
    Small "Action Window" allows creating, editing and manipulating clips, has a spell checker.
    Simple plugin architecture uses python scripts. Exisitng plugins (15) sort lines several ways, remove/replace characters, shorten URL's, post on Pastbin, etc.
    On feature I particullarly wanted was to collect everything copied to clipboard into one clip, while feature is toggled on.
    I have lots more ideas and improvements planned too.

  5. Forgot to mention my clipboard manager can save long-term snippets in categories (user specified, also icon). Both clips and snips can have a title that shows in menu instead of the clip/snip it's self.

  6. just installed it. I have to say it is making my Linux experience more enjoyable. Thanks.