Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries Application Round Up

Most folks who have been around Linux and/or open source software for awhile are aware of what GTK and QT are - tool kits for building applications. Something that not as many may be aware of is that there is another open source tool kit out there - the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. These serve as the building blocks not only for the Enlightenment desktop, but also for a growing number of applications.

Today I am going to provide a quick round up of applications written utilizing the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

System Tools -

Terminology brings "fun" back to the terminal while still being plenty practical. Supporting split panes and slew of other nice features it is stable and fast.

A simple, but functional, lightweight GUI front end for the Connman connection manager. Supports wired and wireless connections.

A simple graphical tool for the sudo command. Supports the same functions as similar tools such as gksudo. Also supports direct integration with other python EFL applications.

A tool for displaying information about the hardware in your computer. Supports exporting the formation collected to a text file.

eCcess provides a few different functions. It is a GUI for managing users on the current OS and assigning/removing group permissions. It can change the current date and time and finally it provides a simple task manager.

Similar to gDebi, eDeb allows the user to install Debian package files using a GUI.

A tool for installing package updates on apt-get based systems.

Multimedia Applications - 

Utilities -

Games -

Escape from Booty Bay (Angry Birds Clone)

Wrapping Up -

Hopefully I've introduced you to some new wonderful applications today! Most of this software is fairly new though, so sadly many of them will not have packages in many Linux distribution's repositories. You can however find every application listed here in the Bodhi 3.0.0 repos (or you can add this repo to your Ubuntu 14.04 install).

If you know of an awesome EFL based application that I haven't included here today - please let us know what it is - and where to find it - in the comments below.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. This are the efl apps that I actually maintain:

    Emotion Media Center:

    Git user interface:

    D-Bus inspector:


  2. http://eperiodique.sourceforge.net/

  3. Thanks, great post Jeff. Liking e18 very much. My favorite DE by a long margin.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Couldn't agree more about the default theme needing an overhaul. I think having a dark default theme in 2014 is a mistake. One of the Bodhi team members is working on putting together a light colored theme for E+Elementary that will be used by default in the 3.0.0 Bodhi release.

      Hopefully this can bring some more folks to using EFL applications.

  5. I used enlightenment for quite a while and really liked it. In my opinion the lack of good default themes together with font rendering kills it.

  6. There is another useful tool, Elm Theme Viewer.

    If any one writes an elementary application or elementary theme, this application must be useful.