Sunday, February 1, 2015

Elementary Extensions for Python-EFL

For those who are unaware the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and Elementary are the tools that power the Enlightenment desktop and a growing number of other applications. To learn more about getting started with Elementary and python you should check out the full API reference here, the examples on git, or stop by on Freenode.

I have been working on a number of small applications using Elementary. While building these applications I found myself reusing a few of the same gadgets in different places, so I had the idea others might find some of them useful as well.

Thus elmextensions was born. You can find the latest source code for elmextensions on GitHub here. As of this post there are currently four different elementary objects in elmextensions:


This first object is similar to a "spreedsheet" or "tree" type widget. It creates a list of objects that are sortable by clicking on the header for a given column. The elements in the widget can be any Elementary object. 


This widget is a very basic terminal. Accepts text input/out and runs the command entered in the input line when execute is pressed. More complex things such as ncurses applications will not work.


Creates a standardized information window for your application that is easy to fill in with your own information.


Now I am sure some people will be slightly confused because there already exists a file selector widget in elementary. The problem is that the default file selector is minimal by design and does not have features such as displaying Bookmarks, sorting the data, or displaying file size. This widget does all of these things.

There are examples of how to utilize each of these widgets in the top level of the GitHub repo. If you have any questions about how to utilize these widgets feel free to open a thread in the elementary section of the Bodhi forums. If you encounter any issues please open a bug report on GitHub.

~Jeff Hoogland

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