Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Ubuntu is harder than Windows

I use Ubuntu on all my personal computers and I even recommend it to friends. I am starting to think maybe I shouldn't though, because it is obvious:

Ubuntu is harder to use than Windows
Don't believe me? Read through a few of these comparisons below and I think it will be obvious which operating system is more "user friendly".

Installing Software:
To install a piece of software on Windows you just follow a few easy steps. First you go to the store and buy the software, then you pop the CD into your disc drive, enter the CD key, wait for the software to install itself onto the hard drive, and you are good to go! Be sure to put the CD and key in a safe place in case you ever need to reinstall the software.

On Ubuntu to install a piece of software you open the software center. Type in the name of the software you are looking for (or browse by category), click install, and wait for the software to download and install.

Default Software:
Windows offers a fantastic default software install. Need to write a paper? No worries, Windows has the feature-rich Wordpad. Want to surf the net? Internet Explorer has always provided a safe webrowsing experience.

Ubuntu's default software selection is somewhat disappointing. It has a full featured word processor, spreadsheet editor, and presentation creator. I know most people don't use facebook or twitter, but just in case you do Ubuntu includes Gwibber, a software that fully integrates your social networking with your desktop. For webrowsing Ubuntu only has Firefox and if you want to instant message Ubuntu's Empathy only supports facebook, AIM, yahoo, MSN, IRC...

Adding Hardware:
Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. Almost any piece of hardware you purchase comes with a handy CD for installing the drivers the hardware needs to function properly. Again, keep that CD in a safe place in case you ever reformat or attach the hardware to a different computer.

If you have one of the millions of pieces of hardware that is supported on the Linux platform then 99 times out of 100 once you attach it to your computer it still start functioning right away. What about that hundredth time? Ubuntu will offer to automatically download and install any closed source drivers the hardware needs to function.

System Upkeep:
Upkeep on Windows is easy. Just remember to periodically run your anti-virus program, your anti-spyware program, and don't forget to defragment your computer every couple months. Also a yearly reformat tends to help keep things running smoothly.

Ubuntu? Well there aren't really any viruses for Ubuntu and the filesystem it uses doesn't fragment nearly as much as NTFS does.

Updating the Operating System:
To ensure your operating system is secure, by default, whenever Windows is connected to the internet it will automatically download and install updates without asking. Windows is very through with it's update process. As soon as it is finished updating the system will shutdown, install some more updates, and then possibly install the last bit of the updates and apply configurations the next time the computer boots up.

Ubuntu on the other hand tends to be kind of lazy by default with it's update process. When a new update is available the system asks you if you want to download and install it. Then, it only installs the updates once. I guess Ubuntu just assumes it installed them correctly the first time.

I think I covered all the points that I often hear people complain about when they first start using Ubuntu. Anyone else know of other areas where Ubuntu is still harder to use than Windows?

In case the point (and my reeking sarcasm) where not conveyed to you in the above paragraphs, my point is this. Ubuntu/Linux really is not any harder to use than Windows is these days. In fact, in many respects it is simply different (in a good way) than what a Windows user is used to. I am tired of hearing from people who try to use Ubuntu for all of two seconds that it is "too hard" to use, because obviously - they aren't really giving it a chance.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Don't you know, like really, who wants to deal with completely obnoxious effects like wobbley windows, or stability. If I don't get a crash atleast once a day, I feel like I just haven't done enough work on my computer yet. Do you have any idea how hard it is to sleep using a linux computer because of that?

  2. A whole post in sarcasm? I love Ubuntu, but this is weak.

    1. I love this article and it was clever.

    2. Me too. That guy clearly has no sense of humor. ;o)

    3. I like it... :)

  3. Until the end of the adding hardware section you had me there...


  4. No TurboTax, No Kodiak Easy Share, my scanner doesn't work, my wireless doesn't work. I keep Windows 7.

    1. TurboTax? Use Wine...
      Kodiak Easy Share?
      I assume you mean Kodak not Kodiak.
      Kodak Easy Share sucks, don't use it...
      Use your file manager/Ubuntu 1 storage instead.
      Scanner? Look for some drivers maybe, or use the Ubuntu forums.
      Wireless? You gotta be kidding me! Driver search!
      all in all, if you are going to use a tech team to help your computer run, use windows, if you are the tech team, linux! And if you are an average user who is frugal, ubuntu gnu/linux!

  5. this is funny software - for windows you have to actually get up, leave your computer, go to a store, spend you hard earned money, come back home, enter a CD key, and hope it installs.

    ubuntu - open software center, push install.

    these types of articles are pretty typical of a PAID microsoft ADVERTISEMENT

  6. I had to install the Dolphin emulator which was just a zipped .tar. I had so much trouble getting it to work simply because I am not familiar with installations through command line. But the fact is that it was pretty difficult to figure out what I gotta type to get it installed. My point is that, Ubuntu is great, but not for the average user or person who is used to the simple installation steps required in Windows to get something installed. Seriously, I can't see an average user living happily with Ubuntu very long until it is completely idiot-friendly; such as Windows.

    1. The installation steps in Windows aren't simpler, they are just more familiar to you. But, I understand your point. There is a learning curve when you are just starting out. Familiarity is often the biggest challenge for switching to any new OS (or new desktop environment).

  7. I'm an "all thumbs"idiot when it comes to computer technology. I've used all different Linux OS's and keep going back to Ubuntu, where I haven't had a problem in over 3 years. If Ubuntu isn't ALREADY idiot-friendly, then the Anonymous idiot above should remain using Windows, where most other idiots congregate.

  8. I use Ubuntu as well and ... "you can say that again!"

  9. obviously the human genetic pool needs to be thinned. Its painfully obvious too many people cant even think for themselves let alone do a simple Google search to fix any issue they are having. Like I said, I blame the gene pool.

  10. And if you spend a bit of time googling, you might have come across this one:

    How hard was that for installing that dolphin emu? Took me 2 minutes to find that instruction and I had never even heard of that dolphin emulator...

  11. Perhaps since you are willing to tell the world of how bad Ubuntu is and how much you don't really know about computing technology you could take the time to investigate some of the Ubuntu derivatives out there...

    Much of what you have stated has already been addressed.


  12. I would also like to mention all the money that I have spent over the years for software that two or three years later are no longer supported. Do I get a refund for software that no longer works because of a Windows upgrade? I have been able to find alternatives to nearly everything on my Ubuntu system. In my opinion the pros of using Ubuntu far outway the cons. Also many, many programs that I enjoy using now on Ubunt do not work on Windows. So there!

    Nice Article.

  13. How i love sarcasm <3 today Linux is every bit use-able as windows to the average "write an email and post on facebook - then do some U-toobin" user.

    Hell, a few years back i swore by windows (95 and XP) and didn't even know Linux existed..:o

  14. You forgot how "easy" Windows is once your teenager picks up a malware trojan on her XP machine....and you have to spend hours talking on the phone to the credit card company explaining how the thousands of dollars in charges are not yours. Priceless.

    All 9 computers in our home use Ubuntu now, thanks. And no problems since.

  15. Linux either works or doesn't, no fuzzy. You plug in a piece of hardware, and it works, or if not, it is unlikely it every will until a system upgrade.

    Windows is fuzzier. You plug it in, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Then you try the install CD. Sometimes it works, sometimes, you need to go download the newest driver. The one day, after an patch to a media player, the network card stops working.

    So, although, Windows XP supports more hardware than Ubuntu (which in turn supports more than Windows 7), for those devices which are supported, Ubuntu is easier to deal with.

    Software is a whole different thing, but generally, is there is no APT repository, maintenance of updates and such is harder than Windows, but if there is a repository, it is much easier than Windows. Secunia PSI really helps on Windows, at least letting me know what needs to be updated. I still have to update each application individually, but at least I know which ones. Ubuntu, I go to one spot, and update everything at the same time with very little effort, and at most one reboot. Once again, a mixed bag.

  16. I'm using Linux for more than 10 years and Ubuntu for 4 years. Yes, most new devices such as cameras come with one or two CD's for windows and macOSX, but they simply work when you plug them to an Ubuntu system. A friend bought a new notebook with Windows 7, ask help to get an 4 years old printer/plotter work, we spent 5 hours to get it work with W7; meanwhile with Ubuntu it just worked :)

  17. What's wrong with me? I've used Ubuntu and Mint over 2 years know i haven't met any serious problems with hardware, printers, mobile connection etc... Am i some lucky b--stard or what?

    More things hard to understand. I've installed Mint and Ubuntu to some of my friends and relatives. And believe me or not they have had neither problems with hardware nor applications of these distros.

    I suppose these "thoughts" are nothing but "clever" FUD.

  18. Ubuntu....printers just work...plug them in, no setup disc. Scanner works...even my Dell 3g netbook does. Plugged in the SIM chip and it works! Don't have to open a seperate manager program like I did with Windows XP.

  19. I realized the sarcasm pretty quickly into the post. When I finished reading, I thought to myself, "What a douche. Why waste time with this?"

    Then I read all the responses from the fanboys that didn't bother to read the post. Just had to get their opinion out there as quickly as possible; even if they didn't read the original post carefully.

    I now recall my douche opinion as it proved a point. Maybe not the intended point, but it taught me something.

  20. It really amuses me how many people just "skim" articles before commenting. If I plan to drop a comment on something I always read it all the way through, just common sense >.<

  21. I switched to Ubuntu about 6 months ago after getting fed up with an a/v install of which the license had expired. Seeing as we do a ton of compliance and security work, we're all to familiar with what a comprised computer can do to a network.

    I must say my only negative was the fact that I have a few windows programs (most notably quicken) that I haven't found a way to run other than through Virtualbox and an XP image that I created just for running those items. I need to play with wine, but that requires time, something that comes at a premium these days. All peripherals were discovered, no more having to license adobe to create document. It's been a wonderful transition.

    Would I recommend it to my mother....eh....she struggles with windows, I wouldn't go that far. Anyone else could handle it.

    I had to laugh though the other day a family member called me asking for help removing a root kit. 2 hours later their xp system was clean again. I don't think I've spent 2 hours "playing" with Ubuntu let alone having to administer it.

  22. lol, you had me going for a second there, that was the last title i expected to see on your blog! Seems like there might be a few broken sarcasm detectors out there though.

  23. Under Installing Software, you neglect to address software that's not in the repositories. How about installing new software that just came out? Like, say I want to update Open Office or Firefox to the newest versions.

    Option a:
    1. Wait 6 months and upgrade your whole system. It'll probably be in there by then.

    Option b:
    1. Google for how to do it and hope someone has a walkthrough.
    2. Use the terminal to add something called a ppa or something?
    3. Run some other commands in the terminal that do something else?
    4. Cross fingers that there aren't any errors because then you have to go to the forums or Google that error.
    5. Maybe it works!

    Option c:
    1. Download some file with a really obscure name and ends with .tar.bz or something.
    3. Right click and "extract it"
    4. Attempt to find documentation of where to extract it to.
    5. Fail to find such documentation.
    6. Click on stuff and see if any of it does anything anyway.
    7. It doesn't? That's because .tar.bz never works.
    8. Obtain degree in computer science and complete install of .tar.bz file.

    Option D:
    1. Perform a ritual to your favorite god or goddess and pray they have a .deb file.
    2. Download the deb and double click it.
    3. WORKS! (unless the .deb is for a different version of Ubuntu than the one you have, in which case maybe it works and maybe it doesn't.)

    1. Download file.
    2. Double click.
    3. Hit "agree" and "next" a bunch of times until you get to "finish"
    4. Click "finish"

    I use Ubuntu as my default OS and hate Windows, but we shouldn't delude ourselves into thinking that Ubuntu, or Linux generally, is easier than Windows. I could go on with similar points for all your points, especially the subpar bundled software like Open Office, but you get the point.

    And to Anonymous who says "printers just work" no they don't. People who use the phrase "just works" regarding Ubuntu have never used a Mac. Those things really "just work."

  24. @Anonymous Actually if you read my wording I noted that for "Linux compatible hardware" it does in fact "just work". Just like with a Mac, if you buy the right printer it "just works". This is why I only buy HP printers for my Linux systems. They have all worked for me OOTB every time.

    Honestly out of all the software on my Ubuntu system I think maybe one package I compiled from source. The rest where from the software center or .deb files...

  25. Smart Ass! :D

    After reading your post, I decided I would give it a try. So I downloaded the 10.04 version. And it's awesome, I actually enjoyed using it.

    Interestingly, the window buttons were like the Mac, and I use Windows 7, so it was kind of a new thing for me since out of habit I was used to them being on the right side of the screen. However, after working on it for a few hours, my habit got weaker and I find the buttons instinctively now.

    Overall, I give it 100 points coz I have no complains about it. And they got loads of free software. Woah man! By the way, this feedback is being typed from my new Ubuntu install.

  26. IMO: Linux for the server/storage/network appliance machines, Windows for the desktop, and Mac for the idiots.

  27. Sorry, I don't agree with you. If you think Ubuntu is hard to use then you deserve to be a Windows user. Windows 7 and Vista are infinitely more clumsy and confusing.

  28. I switched from Vista to Ubuntu, and my productivity doubled. I regret the may years Windows stole from my life.

  29. hahha

    One of the most hilarious article on Ubuntu ever, heheh

  30. Windows is obviously better. You get to wait patiently while it tries to give you a working desktop. You get to watch the hour glass while it "saves your settings" and takes eons to shut down. You get to go to the Windows update website and wait for hours while it tries to update your system, reboot, reboot, reboot. You get to take it in for service at $90 per hour when it gets roached. You get to spend lots of money on limited and restrictive software. You can install anti-virus software on it to give you a good sense of security and lots of time to spend waiting while it scans your infected system over and over. And most of all, you get to pay all over again for the next version that does the same, but runs slower. In most cases the newer version will not run on the existing hardware, so you get to buy a whole new system. ...So Windows is clearly the best choice.

    On the other hand, Ubuntu installs from CD in about 20 minutes with all of the applications you probably need. You can install it on as many systems as you want, no charge. You can download it from the Internet for free and includes an unlimited license. No driving or costs necessary. It updates in seconds on a good broadband line.

    Setting up a server? You could probably buy and set up about 10 Ubuntu servers, fully outfitted with unlimited user support for the price of purchasing 1 Windows server outfitted with expensive proprietary per-user limited and restrictive software license. --you won't even be able to understand the terms of the licenses you are agreeing to when you use it.

    Ubuntu; why would anyone want to use that? any fool could see that Windows is the best choice. Expensive, proprietary and restrictive is always better than free as in freedom.

  31. As someone who has recently switched from Windows to Ubuntu, I have found one thing hard to do compared to Windows. Sharing a drive. For the past 3 weeks I have been unsuccessful in getting the other systems in the house which are all Windows to connect to my shared drive and remain being able to connect for more than one day in a row.

    Recently I said f**k it and now have the secondary drive connected externally to my Windows laptop for everyone to connect to. So yes there is at least one thing harder to do in Ubuntu than in Windows.

  32. I cannot believe I could find a poor article like this written by someone with the business accumen of a toad, surely you can all understand that we always fear what we do not understand?
    OIver the past 20 years you have all willingly agreed to send me loads of money for a product I am, in fact, still trying to finish - I promise, one day I will get round to finishing at least one OS
    Thank you all for your kind donations and rentals of XP and beyond, please do not plug Linux derivatives too much or MAC either as I still do need yatch's and club memberships and the like so come on, dig deep into those pockets and cough up on my livense fees please.

    By the way, I am writing this article on Ubuntu as well, - I never could trust any of my products to remain online for long enough for me to complete typing, I was always worried about the BSOD - I still have those nightmares ....

    Anyway, off to play on my iPhone now ..... goodbye and thanks for all the cash .... I mean fish! (Damn this US keyboard!)

  33. I don't think you are being objective.

    1. Installing software: Maybe it is easier to install open source software, if you want to get cosed source software or up-to-date open source software (I mean six months after installing your distro) it will give you headaches.

    2. Default software: I don't care a fuck about the default software of my OS (for example, always finish installing qt apps on my ubuntu), but also I think Windows 7 wordpad is great for basic word processing. I stopped using Abiword because of it.

    3. Adding hardware: For hardware supported out-of-the-box (windows have infinitely more hardware like this) it is just like ubuntu, windows update takes care of the drivers (again, a feature on 7). If the drivers are not by default you only have to download them. On linux you are out of luck here.

    4. System Upkeep: Periodically run? Just install avast! and forget everything else. Windows comes with windows defender (antispyware) and a defragmenter. Again, on 7 they execute themselves periodically when the computer is idle. And about the legend that linux doesn't have a problem of fragmentation here is a great article (in Spanish though): http://diegocg.blogspot.com/2010/06/linux-y-la-fragmentacion-si-ocurre.html

    5. Updating the Operating System: Windows can be configured to not update at all by himself, download and wait for confirmation or install automatically (you can postpone the restart for like 4 hours I think). Ubuntu gives me a pop-up everytime I run the OS with a new tiny update of libwtf-1.0001 or whatever.

    I'm sure there are some good reasons to use linux, but these are not true.

  34. I think I felt my IQ drop a few trillion points.

  35. Great sarcasm. :)

    Check this similar (opposite?) article:

    In short, Ubuntu just works, it's easy to install, easy to upgrade/update, and there is a strong community.

  36. Thanks to a tanked WinXP SP3 system, I'm a new 64 bit Ubuntu 10.4 user.

    Though I had some background in UNIX 20 years ago on Sun systems, I was NOT a happy camper at all! I grumbled, griped, and groped my way through a foreign interface that wouldn't support some of the programs I relied-on - even having no real replacement FOR them (try the Dymo labelwriter software with user-created address books and zip+4 with bar code, updates/printing for your addresses), finding the same software wouldn't run under WINE, either.

    I KNEW the advantages to Linux and had been a FOSS _advocate_ since about 1996... but I HAD made up my mind NOT to return to the cesspool that is Windows no matter the things I had lost. I figured I'd either do without or FIND a way... AND I would LOBBY the companies I'd patronized which were not providing COMPLETE native Linux support for their products.

  37. ...READING a comment, I'll have to shout my agreement about 'STRONG COMMUNITY'. Indeed, you may NOT get every answer you WANT, but Linux is an experience in exploration, learning, self-reliance AND the awareness of a RESPONSIVE community (I could pretty much all-caps everything, couldn't I?).

    I spent 38 years in IT and in some ways am more firmly rooted in the 70's mainframe days, so I've known a few things over the years. This environment, however, is something I'd WISHED FOR decades ago when I was writing code I WANTED to share but had no means of doing so.

  38. 1. If you install with synaptic manager, the updates will be available as soon as they come out. You can chose if you want to install, but they will be offered to you.

    2. I use /home for my docs and settings. When I need a new install, I just print a list of all apps, use synaptic to install and I have my old docs and settings. All my e-mail, everything ready to go.

    3. The only hardware I have had trouble with is produced by MS, like my lifecam. The only web sites I have trouble with are done in MS also. The only thing you can't do is watch Netflix, because they want only DRM files, and won't let Moonlight work as Silverlight.

    4. I use Clam AV, a commercial strength AntiVirus. In 3 years I have found 2 trojans, both for Windows, they don't do anything in Linux. I keep my computer clean with computer janitor.

    5. I have mine set for once a day updates, if there are any, it allows me to pick and chose. The only time I have to reboot, is if I download a new kernal, but that only makes sense.

    Outside of Netflix, I can't think of a good reason to run Windows 7. Oh yea, my system boots in 21 seconds and shuts down in 4. I get wind burn on my forehead from going so fast.

  39. @People taking this blog seriously...

    Omg folks did you even read to the end? He was being sarcastic about the whole thing. And even if your senses are too dull to pick up on it in the other paragraphs he pretty much tells you he was being sarcastic. Next time try actually reading something all the way before jumping on the author and beating him with a frying pan!

  40. Add some thoughts about Windows Genuine Advantage Tool. What a misery of legal systems we have, that cannot imprison the creators of this virus!

  41. I agree, and Windows helps you make decisions about new hardware, every time you upgrade, there ia at least one piece of hardware that is no longer supported!
    Bonus opportunity to spend some of your birthday money an a shiny new scanner!
    Windows boosts the economy, whereas Boring old Ubuntu just keeps it working.

  42. This is hogwash! I've been using Windows 7 x64 now since earlier this year and even though I like the OS, I still prefer Ubuntu (used for more than two years prior to Win7).

    The problem is that most people install an OS and DISREGARD the fact that they need to maintain it to keep it functional and efficient.

    The people that don't know how to maintain an OS are just as bad maintaining Windows as they are maintaining any other OS, including Ubuntu, because they are 'scared' of tinkering about with their precious system.

    How often don't you use another person's Win computer and find that it behaves slowly, is usually cluttered with junk (on the desktop, stat menu AND registry) and is ridden with all kinds of viruses and junkware/crapware (toolbars, widgets).

    If people just knew that they need to take care of their OS and maintain it in the same way as you would anything else (house, car, relationships, etc.), people would start to inform themselves of what is considered "best practice" for system usage and nobody would struggle to use ANY OS.

    I've recently written a silly article about this...here is the link:


  43. Falling off my chair laughing at the ideeotts who didn't get the deliberate irony.

  44. Great sarcasm. :) All good fun. Microsoft Windows is in direr need of a recall. Windows will work most of the time and can be a fully functional Operating System for a price. I have a problem with the dysfunctional side but the money I make from it is very nice. Most Windows users seldom move beyond the New User class.

    Microsoft Windows requires a Class Action lawsuit.

  45. One issue I have with Ubuntu is it doesn't make setting up wireless hardware easy. Many wireless hardware options come from Broadcom. Ubuntu cannot install drivers for this, or not that I have found. All the forum suggestions fail to work.

    To add insult to injury the last upgrade of Ubuntu completely destroyed the dual boot set up. So i've ditched it and will stick to Windows.

  46. all the uper is for stupid and non-stupid people to fight about. what works and what doesn't.
    i have one thing to say and one thing only.
    in greece u buy 400 euros windows 7 and 500 euros office pro. plus 1800 euros for photoshop. in ubuntu? i pay 15 euros per month for my internet line which i would pay for windows too LOOOOOL

  47. You omitted another wonderful "feature" of Windows. When you install "another" or different Printer, peripheral, the new item may not work because of "conflicts" with drivers clashing, and one therefore needs a happy visit to Best Buy Geek Squad to rectify the contention. Usually at $199.00 starting fee.

  48. This article is written by a madman. Anyone who has had Windows break (it ALWAYS does)knows that all is lost once it breaks, as it usually can't be fixed. Sometimes I have been able to fix Windows from Linux, by modifying Windows files that couldn't be updated or deleted in Windows mode.

    But, even if we accept the premise that you don't get something for nothing and Ubuntu (I prefer Fedora) is more complex than Windows, WHO CARES? I have five dual-boot systems and it is always physically painful for me to use the Windows side. I avoid the pain whenever possible, which is almost always.

  49. I've installed Linux Mint on two laptops with broadcom chips in the last week... All I had to do was install a single package via a wired connection and poof, it worked.

  50. Ubuntu has the advantage that it can very easily be installed over an existing Windows OS as long as you have enough hard disk and memory. Then you can use both with ease. You can also preview UBUNTU with the live CD.
    Up until 2003 I was using Windows exclusively with untold number of problems, now I am at the point that I use windows max 20% and UBUNTU 80% or more and I am no way near what you may call a computer geek. In fact I am a senior. If I was younger I would probably be using UBUNTU 100%.

  51. Loves_Ubuntu says:
    A friends Vista 64 bit computer was trashed by grandchildren and would no longer get pasts the boot screen. I was to help him reinstall by the original disk was trashed. Formatted the drive and installed Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit. He is now using 10.04 upgraded automatically. He loves it and would never use Windozes again.

  52. Too bad that wireless, bluetooth, and 70% of printers are not supported. I cannot tell you how many times I have installed Ubuntu (actually pretty much any distro) and not had wireless or bluetooth support. Of course if you go on the Ubuntu forums and ask for help all you get is a rant about how "it's the hardware company's fault not ours" instead of people actually trying to help you. Don't get me wrong. I have used Ubuntu on my computers in the past and I think it's a solid OS if you don't mind tinkering with things. I firmly believe that linux belongs on servers and embedded devices as it is stable and can be tooled for specialized tasks.

  53. As a ubuntu user I think it's a great system but I do understand and am honest about the limitations it impose on new users. Most win users I know keep most everything on the desktop. Never venturing to open my control panel or even my computer. So to take such a person put them in front of Linux with a problem and expect them to google the solution is very ill responsible or b=maybe just short sighted. Most of the help I find on the net takes too much for granted. You could end up with 5 or 6 pages open just to get an understanding of what the first person was talking about. This becomes even more so when terms are used that are not understood by all parties. So before you call people the low end of the gene pool. Take a trouble system and allow one of your non Linux friends.Google the solution. You my find your friend on the low end of the gene pool. What you need is a Linux for dummies book.
    Just remember it's easy for you because you already know Linux so when you offer help you tend to talk over a nwe commers head. And when I look for an answer to a Ubuntu 10.04 problem and I find the answer on Google but the instructions are for the last 4 releases of Ubuntu how am I to know which one to use.

  54. Too bad if you put that same user in front of a problem with Windows they wouldn't know how to fix it either. This doesn't make Ubuntu any less "ready" or "difficult".

  55. Apple has security issues just like every other operating system... They just try to keep them quiet - http://www.daniweb.com/news/story291006.html

  56. familiarity is not superriority... just because you know where everything is in windows doesn't mean its better, it just means you have more experience with it. give ubuntu/linux a chance and you'll see what i mean.

  57. Linux is nice, but for me it has to be Windows. I tend to program a lot, and when trying to get the IDE's etc working under Linux I've found I've lost a lot of time because those things weren't in the Repos, and I've had to do a Windows thing and download them from their sites instead. Installing has been a pain most times due to having to search around for programs needed to make the original program work. Lazy programming is the cause I feel and I can apt-get until I'm blue in the face, but sometimes just downloading an .exe for Windows and installing it in one click is much more prefferable to my Linux woes.

    Hopefully this will improve, Linux has certainly come on in leaps and bounds over the years, but it'll still be a few more years before I can count Linux as anything more than a server OS for now.

    Good luck Linux people, I hope your OS improves soon.

  58. As mentioned above a whole bunch did not finish reading. This article is totally sarcasm on the whole windows operating system. Meaning that Windows is totally inferior to Ubuntu. FINISH reading before before getting all fired up and commenting.

  59. Thanks for the laughs, Jeff! Great article!

  60. When I updated from Windows 95 to 98 my laptop's USB port wouldn't work "we do not support NEC USB" was the response from MS.
    When I updated from Windows 98 to XP my desktop's scanner wouldn't work - no, it wasn't supported.
    When I updated from XP to Vista, my HP printer wouldn't work.
    They all work with Linux (Ubuntu & Damn Small Linux on the laptop - its in a cupboard somewhere, but it works). To get the scanner to work I was forced to type in a file name - how crap is that?

    Yeah, Windows has MUCH better hardware support..

  61. love it!

    might as well add these too!

  62. @ June 20, 2010 10:02 PM
    Anonymous said...

    I lol'd quite hard. You program a lot, and don't know how to go about dealing with stuff outside of repos?

    That is just awkward and funny at the same time. ./configure, make install- all that fun jazz. It's actually quite simple when you un-noob yourself. Lazy programming- nein. Just efficient. The architecture surrounding installing software actually empowers you to modify, adjust and fiddle around with whatever you need. Being someone that codes I'm sure this sort of freedom is indispensible. In Windoze, if you install an exe and something is either not right, that's it. You're either waiting on a patch or have to spend hours looking through the registry to find what's pooched. Enjoy.

    IDE's in Linux are actually quite simple (Look at Eclipse and the recent growing change by professional devs).

    Lazy programming? It seems so far that either you yourself are lazy.

    Go read a tutorial. I mean hell, I don't code and I'm learning Linux myself but already I've customized the hell out of it with a lot compiled applications.

  63. And what about updating the software!?!? In Windows and in Mac, it seems like every other time I open a program, I get asked if I want to download and install the latest version of the software. No, I was not opening the software because I wanted to USE it; I'd rather go make a pot of coffee and drink a cup while the software downloads, installs, and the computer restarts. Ubuntu gives me a list once a week (or however often I want) of all the software that has an update available. Generally, I can go ahead and use the software while it's updating and most times doesn't need a restart. Ubuntu is harder than Win or Mac. I have to spend more time WORKING on Ubuntu.

  64. ha..ha..ha...nice one. liked it!!

  65. Great article and like your entire blog

  66. Good Article ! Thx

  67. nice! I actually had to read your "default software" section twice in disbelief! Too bad people think you're serious.
    Great blog

  68. @ Queixa: You 'stole' my comment ;)

    That Windows behavior is one of the most annoying things in Windows, it takes minutes to open any app just because it happens to find an update. And yeah, reboot for sure.

  69. My boss used to buy windows and we used to spend days having fun when it was installing and we were installing the other software and we had excuses for wating time... Now that we have shifted to ubuntu because of my bright idea... We have to work >_<

  70. I dual-boot win7/mint9. I'll be honest, i prefer win7 -- because it's familiar and my passwords are all saved in scarabay and I don't have them memorized. I also have an account at GameHouse and their games are for windows only. However, mint9 has helped me save my data from the win partition more than a few times. Ubuntu is easy -- change is hard. About 2 years ago I bought an imac on ebay because it was CUTE!! Mac OSX is so hard -- not one of the 4 printers I owned at the time would work; only 1 of the 5 wifi adapters I had on hand would work. Ubuntu recognizes 3 of the 4 printers and all 5 wifi adapters. Heck, windows wouldn't recognize 1 of the wifi adapters. If I was giving a computer to someone who had never used any os before, I would set it up with a ubuntu derivative such as PinguyOS or Mint. By the way, I got the sarcasm.

  71. "Ubuntu's default software selection is somewhat disappointing. It has a full featured word processor, spreadsheet editor, and presentation creator. I know most people don't use facebook or twitter, but just in case you do Ubuntu includes Gwibber, a software that fully integrates your social networking with your desktop. For webrowsing Ubuntu only has Firefox and if you want to instant message Ubuntu's Empathy only supports facebook, AIM, yahoo, MSN, IRC..."

    When you users windows you have to install office and everything seperately. Ubuntu Just works the cd comes with a specific list that is it contains all the software ever needed by a normal person.

  72. The biggest problem with Linux is that you have to OWN your OS. Windows just lets you pay hundreds of dollars for the license to USE it, but you don't OWN it.

  73. The problem with Ubuntu is that most applications run from a command-line that is difficult to learn, especially when any non-understanding is met with "bwahaha, go back to Windows."

  74. I use a 5 year old dell laptop that my brother in law gave me because "it just runs too slow" for him -- Dell Latitude D810 Notebook with pentium M 1.73 with 1 gig of ram. it was loaded with XP. For fun, I loaded Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - linux terminal server -- on it. When I'm at home I have an even older circa 2000 laptop that runs as a client -- and two people can use ubuntu at the same time for day to day stuff -- using processing power and memory of a five year old laptop. I'm using it right now. Oh, and when I installed the operating system all of the drivers for everything functioned -- it even automatically searched for and found a closed source driver for the wireless card -- but it did ask me if I wanted to install it before it was installed. OMG I had to click "yes"! I almost fainted from the effort.

  75. "most applications run from a command-line that is difficult to learn"

    What? have you even tried Ubuntu? Oh, please...

  76. Sometimes Installing software (from synaptic package manager) gives multiple choices in ubuntu 10.04 and 9.1. Like if you type virtualbox or samba, then it shows multiple entries. In case of virtualbox, ver 3.2 and later are own by oracle and the repo key needs to be changed. I simply downloaded the virtualbox from the site and it didn't install even after the uninstalling verson 3.1.6.

    Another major drawback is lack of applications, which are at par with windows, like wonderful windows live writer (wine does not support every software), powerful jetaudio, and even MS excel. The macros are not imported directly to OOo and has to be created manually - not as easy as in excel. Some more softwares are Nero 8 or 9 full HD version with nero wave editor (i find nero wave editor better then audacity for simple tasks).

    I think linux is for the ones who have some spare time and like to do some R and D.

    I have a dual boot and after update of grub (in ubuntu 9.1), my XP did not boot. I had to change the Grub.

    For average end-users (who do not like to change), i do not recommend ubuntu, because they do not realise that it is completely a new OS and we cannot expect it to behave like windows. Here in India, majority of PC end users , who think of MS word as an upgraded electronic typewriter and think of spreadsheet excel, just as an automatic calculator, with typing facility, and do not want to know about filters, macros, etc and restrict the use of pc for emailing, surfing net and typing quotations and maintaining inventory in excel -- will definitely have an allergy for terminal and it's CLI (command line interface)

    I like ubuntu and it is rock solid, good for general use, but i have to admit that i needed to devout some time before getting comfortable with it (like search for alternate wireless lancard drivers for linksys)

  77. @INDIASPIRITUALITY You are complaining about seeing multiple versions of an application when installing things from synaptic? You are aware that synaptic is meant for the experienced user and not the end-user right? There is a reason the software center exists and in fact I believe they are even talking about removing synaptic from 10.10

    Sorry for your grub experience with 9.10 - but that release is a year old at this point, doubt you would see the same thing with 10.04 or 10.10

    As for your CLI reference, well this is something EVERY con-Linux user takes up. The end user needs to use the terminal in Ubuntu just as much as a Windows end user needs to use the command prompt. AKA little to not at all. (And yes I use both the command prompt in Windows and Terminal on Unix based systems)

    As for those "who think of MS word as an upgraded electronic typewriter" if this is the case than OO.o is MORE than enough to suite their very, very basic needs.

  78. I agree with you. But as much i have met people in India, majority are not willing to try linux or even open office. This is the scenario.

    Regarding snyaptic, when i try to install a program, it searches and if available in synaptic, ubuntus says that it recomends to intall this app from synaptic. Since i am new and non- technical to linux, i follow what the system says. Pro Linux users enjoy CLI. Still i need to learn basics, terminal, know grub2 (which can be skipped in windows). I have upgraded to 10.04.

    For general use i prefer and love ubuntu, but for some tasks, i need windows. I still need to give some time to ubuntu to be more comfortable.

  79. As an ubuntu user, I can't fully agree. It seems you didn't use windows for a while (update and driver things). I just upgrade from 9.04 to 10.10 and at each step something new was not working with the hardware (on a ul30 laptop): mainly backlight and fn keys. Just go over the bug reports and you'll see it's not the panacea... But anyway, as you don't pay, you should be happy with what you receive for free.

  80. I like FOSS and I have been using Ubuntu and Linux Mint for year.
    But still, this post is DISGUSTING, even to me. I hate that kind of COMPARISON !
    It would sound better if you throw way that tone.
    Btw, Windows and/or Microsoft is not devil and you are not saint. In other words, they are not capitalism and you are not communism either. Nothing is contrastive. LET'S LIVE A SIMPLE LIFE, WILL YE?

  81. I have been running windows for about 8 years. dabbled in Ubuntu/Linux for about 6 days. my point before i continue, windows 1 : Ubuntu -1

    name one thing you can do on Ubuntu that can't be done on windows.

    windows 7 is by far the best OS today.
    I am so disappointed in Ubuntu i cant even give it a try. I host web,file,email,sql all on 2003 server. took me all of 4 days to figure that out from scratch. but on Linux???? I've spent about 4 days just trying to learn the friggen command prompt ish on Google, just to find out it'll probably take me another year to get a stupid website up. but back in windows i can spend my time actually having fun! designing everything from games to webpages, playing on everything from games to webpages, and whats that? windows is compatible with all that cool software thats in the stores. to bad that free Linux isn't... you get what you pay for. maybe that cool 2010 challenger cost a pretty penny but that hand me down car thats constantly getting worked on by contributers still needs some work. :)

    still waiting on that answer from before... what can you do i cant? and the sad thing is your not faster with command prompt.
    for the linux users that think they can do everything from their seimen covered command prompt, i can do everything from my seimen covered left mouse button. :) 2 clicks or 20 keystrokes?

    windows 7 has this cool search feature in the start menu where you type anything remotely close to what you want and it finds it for you so you can spend even less time typing and clicking and more time using the power of your machine.

    but dont think of me as a hater i think that Linux live cds are awesome for getting on the internet super quick, with no virus/malware crap but thats if you can figure out the driver situation for your wireless device or Ethernet first. and if thats not the problem i had to still Google how to on connecting to a wireless signal cause all of the correct parameters didn't work, still don't know how to set my ip. i could go on for days. wish i had a Linux friend to guide me but the whole zombie universe is worse than me... they are using macs.

  82. Comments like yours good sir are exactly why this article has a fantastic point. You just compared something you have been using for 8 years to something you used for less than a week.

    When you have an understanding of both systems (aka have used Linux for at least a year in your every day life). Come back and give us your opinion.

  83. "Google the term sarcasm." Thanks, Jeff. I haven`t laughed so hard in a year, lol. What`s that famous quote? "Life is hard, it`s even harder when you`re stupid"? Ah, God...read the post first, people!

  84. Come on guys... The article is just bullshit...

    I have been using Windows since I first got my computer, it's been almost 15 years...
    Then I decided to try Ubuntu(3 days ago), just to see what it has to offer... well... there is no way I am coming back to use Windows as my main OS. Ubuntu just has everything I need and I am no programmer guy, just an average user.

    It's just so simple to install it, even more simple than Windows.

    I definitely keep windows though, as I am just not that used to new interface and features, but, damn... it's not so hard to figure out stuff in Ubuntu. Maybe terminal is a bit tricky(didn't have much time going into that, absolutely don't need it so far though)

    First, was afraid about hardware problems, especially printer/scanner... well you just plug USB cord in and it prints/scans... don't need any drivers or anything. It's just that simple.

    Love Software centre, no need to buy software at the store... it's just one click away(well maybe couple of clicks lol)

    3 days, no crash, no problesms, no viruses, NO WORRIES.

    Gonna tell my friends to give it a try, it's well worth it.

    P.S. Yes, people say many things are just way more simple in Windows. But if you think about it, it's only because you are used to Windows and the way it works. Of course it's gonna be different and sometimes not "intuitive", but only because you are not used to it. Be an optimist, the only way to be successful is to discover and learn and that's no simple thing)))

    Well, again, it's only me, maybe other people have different opinions. And that's the way it is, there is just no right answer or solution in this life. Everybody chooses what's right for them.

  85. "This article is bullshit." Again, Google "sarcasm" and read the meaning, out loud if you have to, lol.

  86. We have to be honest here. When you buy new hardware, you have to check if it works under Linux before buying it. But besides that, I prefer Linux. Even my wife, who was pretty sceptic when I told her (a few years back) my PC would be running Linux from then on, even finds it easier to use than Windows Vista and Windows 7.

  87. Being a convert from Windows to Ubuntu Linux for the past couple of years, I will suggest that Ubuntu has two really soft spots.

    First is the sound system. I am tired as hell of geeks arguing about which is better, OSS or ALSA or Pulseaudio. While none of them work with all of the common apps. JEEEEZ. Just pick one, and I don't give a rat's ass which, and get it to work with most common apps.

    The other soft spot is inter-operation with Windows networks, for example printing and file sharing. The Linux system for this, Samba, is the poster child for what is wrong with Linux. It requires a PHD in network design to get the damn thing to kinda-work-but-mostly-not.

    Just fix those two things and Ubuntu Linux is a windows killer.

  88. If your are rich and do not have sharing mentality then use windows, it is for you.

    I like FOSS. Big community to help you in trouble. not like windows which only supports its paid customers

  89. Well, let me add a quick comparison that I put together after I first tried Ubuntu 6.06 a few years ago:

    - Windows: you click on things with a mouse.
    - Apple OSX: you click on things with a mouse.
    - Apple OS9: you click on things with a mouse.
    - Ubuntu: you click on things with a mouse.
    - Red Hat: you click on things with a mouse.
    - BSD: you click on things with a mouse.
    - Fedora: you click on things with a mouse.
    - Bodhi: you click on things with a mouse.
    - ... you get the idea. It's not that hard,
    folks; pick something that has better stability,
    security, flexibility, software choice, and of
    course, cost.

    Over the last 28 years, I have in the course of my daily business life used CPM, MS-DOS, PC-DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, and XP. I now have one machine running Win 7 because I need it for my current teaching job and legitimately and legally got it for free. Linux has made computers fun for me for the first time in all those 28 years, even for a dinosaur like me. Bodhi is gorgeous, slick, fast, clean, stable, and can be secured. And I don't have to turn my life over to Gigundo Enterprises to use it. Keep up the good work, folks!

  90. Call me crazy but I am a big fan of Slackware. Those who use it tend to be extremely loyal. During the last couple of years Slackware has gone through a major facelift. Each version is better than the one before. I think that windows is much harder to use because if anything goes wrong it is so hard to figure out how to fix it (reinstall the operating system?). The things you do to fix Slackware problems stay the same version after version.

  91. In Ubuntu 9.04, how do I mount different folders of the same partitions to different folders?

  92. And what about the blue screen of Windows fame? Ubuntu has no such.

    In Windows it's just to write down an incomprehensable error code and what steps you took before it appeard to then call up support and explain it all to them to know what went wrong and what to do about it.

    In Ubuntu instead there's loads of logfiles that a regular human actually can read most of, which still exist after you've rebooted and can use in a forum to get help, even if you haven't written anything down before the reboot.

    How could anyone prefer it the Ubunut way? ;-)

  93. Linux is just for people that have a good internet connection.
    Maybe for you who live in US or europe never get this problem.
    But it is very hard for me who live in south east asia and does'nt have a good internet connection to install sofwares for my linux

  94. @Leo You should check out Bodhi Linux. We make installing software on an offline computer just as easy as it is in windows or OSX.

  95. lol?

    i would never fucking reccommend linux to any person i know, it's just so damn hard to figure out how to play with the premissions and install software provided in tar balls...

    sorry, linux suck.

  96. Excellent use of sarcasm, well done.

  97. My nephews support their mom's Windows PC, I do their Dad's Ubuntu notebook. Guess who have to work more ?

  98. I've never had one distro of ubuntu work as well as xp, vista or 7 does.
    once it's installed it works good at first...but I have to spend the next 2 days getting everything else working. and not to mention no way of getting optional drivers for things to try. for example my wireless doesn't work on my laptop with 11.04. it tells me there is no firmware for it.

    I'm sorry but it's way easier to get windows to work and keep working. it just works right out of the box. linux you have to spend days and days downloading things to get it to do things windows does on first install.

    heck ubuntu doesn't even have a way to revert any changes you make to it. (system restore)

  99. While you're going to the store to spend your hard-earned cash on MS trash, I'm downloading, installing, and enjoying using my Ubuntu system, or another distro as I like to dabble.

    The latest prices on W-7? Home edn. $200, Pro edn: $300.

    Heck, for that kind of money I could replace half of my system and have enough left over for a couple of 6-packs.

    And don't have to sweat all of MS problems involving stability, security, etc., although Sept 8 may influence that.

    What would MS do? Wait until some second Tuesday down the road to issue a fix, or if they couldn't, they might wait 7 years to solve it as they did on a "problem" about a year ago.

  100. Looks like some of the comments above were written by people that don't understand "Irony" or "Sarcasm". Good article, Jeff :)

  101. If ubuntu/linux is great why all the company in the world don't used linux as desktop? They could actually save millions of dollars if they used linux desktop. Whatever linux experts should think/say/do. Linux will always very very very far behind to windows. Linux is less problematic because it has limited application/features/capabilities and that is why still plenty of users comparable to windows.
    "No we can't do that - we do not have that - we are using linux."
    "Yes we are genius because we used linux."

  102. The problem with all linux is possibly one of training. Where is the software center? How do I use it? Why can't I connect to the internet? How do I resize my desktop? A lot of these things may be easier on Windows or it is simply that we have lived with them for so long we know what to expect. People don't know what to expect with Linux and with a new distro the creators decide they want to do things a different way or a better way.

    Not to mention the confusion around the difference between a distro and a windows manager for the common user.

    I'm pretty happy for now running Bodhi on a VM and it is the easiest Linux I've found to use since PuppyOS, but really the screen resolution problem and the setting that says "restore on logon" is more then a bit confusing.

    Besides without an open source software comparable to Dreamweaver, I'm sticking with Windows. JEdit, Kompozer or whatever you are about to suggest just don't do what I want them to. I've tried.

  103. Are you serious? Going and buying a cd, then put ting the cd, and the cd key and then install it, is much easier then running a program that does all the work?


  104. Seriously, I thought you must have been smoking something when you wrote this article until I got to the end.Your sense of humor is dangerously dry.

    You forgot one thing: Tech Support. Free tech support from other users all over the world ready and eager to help you figure things out for free, from problems to complex customizations. Ubuntu and most of the several major Linux flavors have the most amazing and available support communities at their fingertips.

    I have seen ONE Windows forum with a community feel and real answers for Windows, beyond annoyances and viruses, and it's a recent development. I like to think it was inspired by the Linux forums.

  105. I think Linux has everything to be the better OS but... it will be only when any user could work on it withouth having to use terminal, add repositories etc etc. Maybe someones likes to keep it that way, sort of intellectual circle, mac osx has also a terminal, but 99% of the mac users doesn't know it, because you don't need it for most of the usual things: surf the web, use a mail program, an office suite to work, burn disks, etc...

    And there is also the number of distributions, I spend many time chossing one, choose ubuntu just because it is the most popular, but there is 2 releases a year, that makes often that things that work allright in the old one are problems in the new one (but great new things too), software developpers has to be up to date twice a year, and most are not payed for that. Universities help a lot I think.

  106. Heh,heh,heh...
    Gorgeous classic blog post, Jeff!
    Still going strong after a year and a half.
    Nice one.
    New readers in 2012 should consider trying Bodhi Linux - http://www.bodhilinux.com/
    That's another Jeff Hoogland project and well worth a look.

  107. This is an excellent article. I actually took the time to read it as well as all of the comments. I thought I might learn something. What I learned is that the world is full of people open minded enough to try Linux, intelligent enough to use it, wise enough to like it, yet too stupid or ignorant to understand such simple sarcasm.
    I have been a casual linux user (started with ubuntu) for 5 years and a serious user for 3 years. I have install and used many different distros on over 50 different machines, mostly older hardware. With very few exceptions, I have been able to find solution to most of my problems with a small amount of time, effort and willingness to learn. The only significant issues I have with linux are not with linux at all but with the mainstream software companies that still refuse to make their product or a workable substitute available to the rapidly growing number of users of a wonderful and superior operating system.

  108. Well - it's not comparable and the really important question is: why do you recommend Linux to your friends? See http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm (http://www.felix-schwarz.name/files/opensource/articles/Linux_ist_nicht_Windows/) for arguing ;)

  109. Knowing something was wrong after reading "Installing Software" = +1

    Knowing I was in bizarro world after reading "IE is SAFE" = +1

    Realizing the sarcasm by reading the WHOLE article and uncontrollably laughing for 10 minutes after reading the comments = PRICELESS

    C:\>echo ID=10T >> config.sys

  110. Having Microsoft off my back, out of my face and out of my life has been priceless. Didn't cost me a dime either. Ha!

  111. Windows? easier HA HA HA HA... I've been selling "out-of-the-box" computers built with debian and all my customers have said, it was so much nicer to be able to start using the computer the minute they bought it. NO ANTIVIRUS pains, no codecs, no updates just out of the box experience that was easy and fun. Forget kodak and all the rubbish software that just slows your computer anyway.

    I even got an older P3 1.2 Celeron to boot faster than a Asus win7!

    seriously not an issue with Linux, its just plain faster and better!

  112. Ubuntu does suck in my opinion. However Ubuntu is only one in many hundreds(if not thousands) of distros available.

  113. I enjoy the creativity of the FOSS spirit... to be in Linux is to be in a world of adventurers, artists, innovators. There is a different soul in each distro.
    I'm an assumed "distrohopper", always ready to know even another new distro ranking high in Distrowatch. It is fun and instructive.
    I'm pretty sure that Linux IS the real future of desktop.
    Other OS are great too (I'm NOT a anti-Win o anti-Mac) but let's face this: LINUX HAS A SOUL.

  114. Windows we'll not let us do whatever we want. It also do the things we need and don't want. Because we are so dumb and Windows knows what is best for us. Linux just doesn't take care of us. It lets us do everything and even more with the sudo command. Letting us, dumb people, hurt ourselves.

  115. You have made some valid points about Windows versus Ubuntu but as a Linux user since late 2008, I do not want to go back to Windows ever and I get irritated whenever i have to use a Windows PC.

    However, from my own experience, one of the major issues holding users back from using Linux, Ubuntu or otherwise is force of habit and inability to intuitively adapt to a different screen and manu layout. May users I know have learned a step by step approach to navigation of the Windows GUI and mentally cannot adapt intuitively to a different layout because they were not navigating Windows intuitively in the first place.

    Young people new to computers and strangely enough elderly people in their 80s fare better at using Linux than middle aged Windows users, though there are exceptions.

    It's all in the mind, really but how to help others overcome that beats me. If you have a solution, I'd be glad to know it.

    However, I too am quite resistant to change and still love the old Gnome 2 layout, which is why I switched from Ubuntu after 10.04 LTS, to derivatives such as MINT, which I use with the MATE desktop and sometimes switch to Cinnamon, LXDE and a Gnome look-alike. I like Gnome 3 used on OpenSuse but gave it up due to slow uploads to the website I must post my articles on.

    Hardware wise, there of course is a rule of thumb that with Windows, one can almost always find the driver for the hardware but with Linux, one usually needs to find the right hardware for the software and it isn't always as easy to download and install device drivers not included in a distribution's repository.

    For example, Linux Mint 13 64-bit version does not recognise the camera on my new MSI CR430 notebook with an AMD proscessor and I have not found the time to try to resolve that issue, and I don't want to use Mint 14 which is not based on an LTS version of Ubuntu.

    Other Linux distributions such as Fedora 17 and OpenSuse 13 don't work with its graphics display but MINT does.

    I'm not a trained software professional, and don't have the time to try and resolve such problems.

    I've downloaded Bodhi 2.2 which I will install on one of my non-production PCs and try it out.

  116. HA! That's awesome!!

  117. Dear All Guys, It was a nice post and laughed all the way till this point when I could not resist to reply. All is good, the one point that we all often tend to miss is the arm-twisting ways of Microsoft. Wherever, you see "We recommend Genuine Windows...", whether from any company HP o Dell or anybody, all are paid for and arm twisted by Microsoft. The Microsoft keeps a big team of IT Goons who only keep policing the chaps in the industry who do not listen to the dictat of Microsoft. The inner story is very dirty, and hence Microsoft is also a dirty software. The tragedy is that the common man does not know of these realities. Such posts also get deleted by the moderators, so that truth is kept hidden... When you use Microsoft next time, just think of the dirty business that they do...

  118. Great comment! Lol. Of course, I use duckduckgo