Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bodhi Linux is Blossoming

Not even three months ago Bodhi Linux was nothing more than a thought in my mind. Today Bodhi is a thriving young project. If you have visited our team page lately or seen our news posts then you know our small team has been steadily growing.

We are happy to welcome four new members to our team.
  • Mark Strawser (ottermaton) is taking charge of Bodhi documentation and our get software page.
  • Agustin Verdegal (Agust) is the one responsible for all of the wonderful Enlightenment themes for Bodhi.
  • Chris Bolton (chris-kun) is going to head building an Arch Linux based live CD in Bodhi fashion
I am also especially pleased to welcome Christopher Michael (devilhorns) to our team. Christopher has been working with the Enlightenment development team for nearly ten years. He is working hand in hand with the Bodhi team and community to get any issues that occur with the desktop corrected ASAP. He will also be coding some new things that will allow Bodhi to provide a better desktop experience for everyone.

Our beta release on the 8th has been received well by most and we could not be happier with the response. Even though we are still not list on Distro Watch we have averaged over 250 downloads a day for the last twelve days between source forge and torrents.

Always looking forward to the future, our release candidate (0.1.5) is scheduled to release at the end of this month on the 30th. This release will include a number of usability improvements and package updates. Most notably the 0.1.5 release will bring two new profiles to the table, one the includes Ecomorph enabled by default and another tailored to tablet computers and netbook books:

Enlightenment's customizable on screen keyboard is one of the best Linux has to offer:

Watch Unity, Enlightenment is ready for the tablet computers :)

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. I've been watching Bodhi. Looks great. I've been involved in the Linux scene since '95 but too busy recently. I need to fix a couple of busted machines. When they're running again, I'll try Bodhi out for sure. Thanks.

  2. I know it will happen... i think you now will get more requests to make 700 MB full version release of bodhi linux as it is getting popular... some people just want to run their os out of the box and then they would like to customize it... kudos for jeff and team for my favourite e17 distro... i will ask for a wubi installer for the 1.o release of bodhi so that more people can install it along with windows without making their hands dirty...

  3. Run Bodhi on my eee PC 2G Surf. Would like to see the install as a two tier process. Initial completely bare metal install, the barer the better, reboot, test and do post install of own choice of from extensive list of standard applications from the cd filled to the brim. Why waste availabilty especially for off-line installs. For example, I had to download usb-mode switch from an internet cafe to get connectivity as this is the only connection I own and would appreciate it if large downloads could be avoided e.g. by including LibreOffice on iso.

  4. The problem is that you would save a large download to install the LibreOffice, but you would get the just the same download time from the CD. For you, the net effect would be neutral, for others who do not want to have the LibreOfice, it would be a waste of time to download it from the CD, and to erase it, after installing Bodhi. The same would happen to any other software you may think about.

  5. I Think the argument about whether to include software or not can be taken in this direction. There isn't a doubt about the position Bodhi developers have taken that there are users who need a "clean" (as in no software clutter) distro. It is also true that the average user wants a distro with "all" software packaged. There are also users who don't know how to/ or which software to pull down from the repositories. One answer to such a user has been
    to point him to a full distro such as Ubuntu itself from which Bodhi derives.

    Even this is not acceptable to some such users.

    A clean solution could be to keep Bodhi as it is and package the userland software as a separate downloadable APTON CD.

    This way several user classes can be served with the same Bodhi base but with different APTON CDs.

    I hope someone from amongst the developers will look into this suggestion.


  6. Have you see the software packages on our software page Vishwanath?