Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bodhi Linux Release Candidate

Today the Bodhi team and I are happy to announce our release candidate (0.1.5) is now available to the general public. This disc includes a number of package updates, most notably Firefox beta 10 and EFL 1.0 stable release. For a full change log see here.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words the following is a screen shot overview of some of the changes in the release candidate.

First Boot Screen

The setup wizard has been stream lined in this release. When booting the live disc there are now only two screens to go through:

Should you try the live cd and like it - the installer for Bodhi can now be easily found on your desktop:

To ensure you are no longer bored during the three minutes it takes for Bodhi to install there is now a slide show for you to watch that tells you what Bodhi is all about:

After you restart your system you will find our new login screen:

After logging in you will will go through the same two Enlightenment setup screens as the live CD followed by a third that asks you to choose your quick launch applications:

The release candidate also includes two new profiles. One that is optimized for tablet and netbook computers:

And another that has Ecomorph desktop effects configured by default:

Finally when you open up Firefox you will be greeted by our Bodhi quick start guide. This will hopefully ease the transition for those coming from other desktops to Enlightenment,

You can download the disc via torrent from here or from direct download here. Have any questions, comments or complaints please feel free to drop a comment below or make a post on our forums.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Thank you!!!! Jeff.
    Looks very very nice.


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    The dock thing is overrated. I really like the icon bar that would pulse the icons on cursor hover. That was way cool.

    Unfortunately the pulsation would only spill out onto the "root" canvas. It'd be nice if e17 was properly combined with a composite manager so those icons could pulse out on top of the bottom of the Firefox window I'd have open just a few pixels above the icon bar.

    - - Jon
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  3. I have a question about language selection. For English you use the US flag. Why is that? Surely you should use the English flag. I'm an Australian, why not use the Australian flag? We speak English here too!

    What flag have you used for Spanish? Not the Spanish flag!

    Maybe you shouldn't use any flag ... Instead you should use a sentence from each language.


  4. Which package manager do you guys use? dpkg or rpm? thanks =)

  5. ah ok.. i was hoping for a rpm + yum. nevertheless, will try it. looks good. thanks =)

  6. I was really enjoying your distro. I had it installed on my old(ish) Acer with an Nvidia GeForce 6100 Nforce 405 graphics adapter. However, when I installed the Nvidia display driver via Synaptic package manager and ran "sudo nvidia-xconfig" (as I've done successfully in a number of distros) it wouldn't boot back up. I'm assuming there's some kind of problem between Bodhi and the Nvidia driver.

    Anywho, I thought you should know. Otherwise, I was really enjoying it. I hope you guys get that fixed for the final release because I'd like to take it out for an extended cruise, not just a tiny test drive.

  7. @evilgenius180 - nVidia drivers work just fine with Bodhi Linux.

    You need to be sure the kernel headers are installed for your current kernel before installing the nvidia package - otherwise the kernel module doesn't build correctly.


  8. Thanks for the info, I'll probably give it another go later.

  9. It would be nice to have a 64 bit version as well.

  10. which ubuntu version is used here?

    10.04 (as i remember it was this)
    10.10 (hope so)

    i am looking for a distro which will not use the unity interface. and it seems that i will use mint. but i would be happy if i could use a recent distro with e17.

  11. I reinstalled Bodhi. Then I installed the kernel headers and rebooted. I installed the Nvidia driver. Now it won't boot again. I know you're trying to go "minimalist" but this is an Ubuntu-based distro, including the "additional drivers" utility would be nice. That's what it's there for, to prevent people from having this problem.

  12. @Istenmeyen We use Ubuntu 10.04 as a base, but we ship current software and a newer kernel. (For example Firefox beta 10)

    @Evilgenius If you are someone that requires an automated tool to install your drivers for you - then by all means install that automated tool! I see no need to clutter the default install with such applications when many people do not want or need such things.

  13. I don't normally need the tool, but your POS distro won't properly install the driver. However, I have a great solution: use one that does. Peace out.

  14. Considering I am posting this from a Bodhi system with nvidia drivers installed (and I've installed them on over a half dozen other nvidia systems personally), I think it is safe to say they work. You should use what works though - choice is the best things about FOSS. Try as I might I can't fix carbon based issues...

  15. @jeff i can't connect to internet using live session. I am using a netbook with an Intel wi-fi card.
    what can be the problem?

  16. @Istenmeyen I take it the wireless card works OOTB on other Linux distros? Can you elaborate on "can't connect"?

  17. I can´t connect with my 3g modem don´t know why i have tried to update the network manager but still nothing

  18. Can you elaborate on "can't connect"?

    Does it see the modem and it times out trying to connect, does it not see the modem at all, or does it view the modem as a cd/storage device?

  19. Is there a way to change s/w repo to use debian sid/testing instead of ubuntu?

  20. Bodhilinux development team, you have done a fantastic job. Congratudations and keep on going ahead!

  21. @Jeff, i am using Linux Mint and Ubuntu 10.10 (i just love to reinstall my os) when i boot with bodhi live usb i can see all the wireless networks around but i can't connect to them.

    its like seeing networks in the network applet of Gnome but when pressing them nothing happens.

  22. Hi There!
    I new in Bodhi, and i wanna use the NVIDIA TwinWiew option, but cant install the NVIDIA driver. I try the Jockey-gtk but it have some errors. How can i install NVIDIA 260 driver? Pls. Help me.

    ps:sorry my bad english