Monday, June 20, 2011

Bodhi Linux - Swag Store, Affiliates and Memberships

Last month I did a post detailing Bodhi's desktop of the week contest. If you spent any time poking around the rest of our spiffy new website you will also notice that several other useful pages have appeared.

The first is our "swag store". This is by user request - you can now purchase hats, mouse pads, t-shirts and stickers with the Bodhi Logo on them:
Until June 30th you can get a 10% discount on everything you buy from the store with the coupon code BODHI10%

Next is our affiliates page. Affiliates are companies that have helped the Bodhi Linux project in one way or another. The first of these affiliates is a small graphics company called Hometown Graphics. They are the ones responsible for the awesome swag items I mentioned above. Not only do they project quality products, but those that run the business use 100% Linux in their work.

Our second affiliate is one most in the Linux world should know - Codeweavers. They provide a quality commercial wine product and they support wine development. Bodhi Linux is an official Crossover reseller. You can find both Crossover Standard and Crossover Games in our software store. If you are interested in becoming a Bodhi affiliate contact Jeff at BodhiLinux dot com

Finally, I'd like to mention our membership page.

We have been fortunate enough at the Bodhi project to receive enough donations for the past few months to fully cover our server costs. A membership is a small way we would like to give back to those that donate to us. There are various membership "levels" depending on the amount someone donates that range between 15 and 100 USD. Depending on how much a user donates we will provide you with a small thank you gift. All membership levels also receive a 10% discount at the SWAG store and a 20% discount on the software Bodhi sells.

~Jeff Hoogland

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