Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nexus 7 jams with Bodhi Linux

After a few weeks of working on other things I've gotten back around to doing some more work on our Bodhi for Nexus 7 image. I've just uploaded a new Bodhi rootfs.img (which can be gotten from our source forge page here). This image brings a few improvements, most notably:

  • Menu/Buttons have been made slightly larger to make things more "finger friendly"
  • Suspend now works and pressing the "power" button on the device now suspends Bodhi by default
  • Audio now works without any tweaking
  • Stable E17 packages
My TODO list for the device still includes determining why OpenGL seems to not want to work as well as creating a automated installer script for loading Bodhi on to your Nexus 7. For now this updated image can be installed following the method I laid out here. If you encounter any issues with this image please open a support request in the Nexus 7 section of our user forums.

I'm going to be busy jamming to eAndora on my Nexus for awhile:

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Thanks, Jeff I'll Upgrade tonight. Any word on getting the camera working?

    1. Camera is currently not on my TODO list. Getting 3D and then all bugs out of the current build is my plan.

  2. Thanks, I'll will do it.