Saturday, July 24, 2010

Must Have N900 Utility Applications

I've talked about my favorite N900 applications before, but today I am going to discuss some applications that add some useful functionality to my favorite hand-held device. These are applications I feel almost every N900 owner will use at some point or another if they are made aware they exist.

#1 RootSH - That is right - with the N900 "rooting" your device is as simple as installing a single package from the official Maemo repositories. You should always have full control of your own computer(s).

#2 Catorise - The default "throw everything in big mess" method of sorting icons in the Maemo application menu is horrid. Catorise takes everything you have installed and sorts it into different menus - just like a desktop Linux distribution does.

#3 Browser Switchboard - If you have played with Firefox or Opera on your N900, then odds are you might have decided you like one of these more than MicroB (the default N900 browser). Browser switchboard add an option to your system settings for changing which browser is the default one selected URLs open in.

#4 Tweakr - If you like to tinker with settings - then meet your new best friend. Tweakr allows you to easily edit more than a few things on your device. Personally I really like the "snap to grid" it enables for desktop icons.

#5 Ringtone Per Contact - A basic phone function that Nokia manged to leave out of Maemo by default - even my flip phone from 2001 could do this. With this package you will be able to have this functionality on your N900.

#6 fMMS - While I am on the subject of functionality Nokia left out of Maemo by default - if you haven't already go grab fMMS. This allows you to send and receive picture messages on your N900, it works very well.

Know of any other useful "utility" applications that add some extra (and useful) functionality to the N900? If so - let me know by dropping a comment below.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. WiFi switcher! Does wonders for battery life.

  2. bless 900 is the best camera application in the history of mobile phones. The best is in camera HDR.