Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bodhi Linux 1.1.0 Released

Two months after our 1.0.0 release the Bodhi team and I are proud to announce the availability of Bodhi Linux 1.1.0. This is the first of our quarterly scheduled update releases to keep the software on the Bodhi live CD current. The live CD includes a number of package updates including:
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.39
  • Enlightenment SVN Build from 05/23/11
  • Intel 2.15 Drivers
  • Midori 0.3.6
The Bodhi repository also saw a number of recent package updates including:
  • Firefox 4.0.1
  • Chromium Browser 11
  • nVidia Driver 270.41
When booting the new live CD you will notice the art has undergone some changes as well. Our boot splash and LXDM window both feature the following background image:

Those that have used Bodhi in the past know that we offer a choice of themes at first login. You will find five new default themes in this release:

In terms of functionality, this update brings changes to two profiles. The first is the Tablet/Netbook profile. The main changes you will notice in this profile is an updated ELFE launcher and the removal of the bottom bar:

A slightly larger change is that the Ecomorph (Compiz) profile has been replaced with a "Compositing" profile. This profile uses E's built in compositing manager to render effects. E's compositing manager works with both hardware and software acceleration. This means it can provide sleek effects even on older hardware. For those that still prefer Ecomorph, you can always set it up yourself.

Current Bodhi users can upgrade to the latest release by running their updates. Those looking to install new systems with 1.1.0 can find the 32bit, 380mb direct download here or our high speed torrent download here. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop a message below or sign up over at our forums.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Hey Jeff, I've seen some of the posts on this and finally might give it a try. I do like the new ubuntu and am apparently one of the few who actually likes the unity interface, but there are a few issues with things like cell writer and some window management, So i'd love to try something new.

    Are you running this on your T101MT?

  2. Of course I run Bodhi on my T101MT, video related:

  3. Hi Jeff. Looks like a great release. I downloaded the iso and will give it a try sometime later this day. I have a question for you, though:

    "Current Bodhi users can upgrade to the latest release by running their updates"

    Does this mean Bodhi is rolling?

  4. Hi Jeff, whenever I install bodhi and boots it and log in my laptop simply goes to suspend and there's no way to wake it up. I then force a reboot and it happens again. .
    This happends emediatly after log in..

  5. Jeff, Would you happen to know if there is a problem between the new kernel and nvidia drivers? I've had to reload bodhi twice, and still can't get the nvidia driver to work.

  6. as i remember bodhi was a ubuntu derivative. but which version does this one is based on?

  7. @Tertitten Can you try this latest release? New kernel+new E may help.

    @Randy I believe there is currently an issue with the older 173 driver (for 5xxx series cards and older). The current driver works (270.41). We are working to resolve the 173 issue, but in the mean time users with these older cards will have to roll back their kernel or stick to the FOSS driver.

    @pfkrl We are "based" on Ubuntu 10.04, but as you can see we provide a lot of our own updates.

  8. Where does one find the link to the sources you use to build the debian packages for E?

  9. I download, I burn, I booted up and I like what I see. Ran the desktop no addin nVidia drivers and it worked without a problem. Must Linux releases have setup the Kernal to run with a basic nVidia base and does not need a added driver. I have learned if it works, do not try to fix and you just might break.

  10. Another good news about Bodhi is that no matter what release you're currently running, it possible to convert it to the following languages, with a little beat more than "one click" in the "Bodhi Get Software" web pages:
    Deutsch (German)
    Español (Spanish)
    Français (French)
    Italiano (Italian)
    Slovenian (Slovene)
    Svenska (Swedish)

  11. HEllo Jeff, i am impressed if i can find the user id and password to start off with. What are they?

  12. 1. good stuff:
    * Supports my Fujitsu Lifebook U810 very well, even the touchscreen (somewhat - see below in "Other stuff").
    * Moonlight theme is gorgeous, and has the mostly dark background I prefer to "find" stuff on the screen.

    2. "Other" stuff:
    * What's with the use of grey outline letters on slightly lighter grey backgrounds for text legends on buttons/menus/etc? That is a terrible lack of contrast to see anything on a tiny screen like the U810 (5.6 inch). I can not make out the time in the clock widget on the top right at all, and trying to change settings is quite a challenge. It seems once I found a way to make the top bar use white on black, maybe during the live run mode when I was first checking out Bodhi 1.0.0, but I have not been able to find it since.
    * At first it looked as though the touch screen alignment for my Fujitsu U810 was just about spot on with no need to calibrate, but now seems to have worsened after a few minutes, and is less aligned and less responsive to stylus taps (although more responsive when the stylus/fingernail is in motion on the screen) - any help for calibrating?
    * FYI, the touchscreen support with 1.0.0 also works (to some degress - also needs a way to calibrate) on a Fujitsu Lifebook p1120, and Bodhi's "lightness" makes that pathetic Transmeta Crusoe 800 Mhz (more like pentium 300 Mhz in effect) and 240 MB of RAM almost usable compared to anything but Puppy. However, the touchscreen on a Lifebook P1610 is not supported by 1.0.0 or 1.1.0 (yes, I like Lifebooks - netbooks done right as long as I can get them highly discounted on eBay ;) ).


  13. I ran the updates (via Synaptic pkg manager, selecting upgrade all,then apply), and had 2 unexepected results:
    1. The bottom bar (switch|Back|Forward|Close) is still present. I would like to reclaim that chunk of screen space for the apps on the tiny U810 screen per the new 1.1.0 layout.
    2. My setting for automatic login was changed to requiring authentication - luckily I remembered which Id/pw I was using for this setup, and will probably leave that way - just a heads up for other upgraders.

  14. Using and configuring Bodhi 1.1 right now and everything runs slower than 1.0. Where is ecomorph? the new "composite" tool is useless

  15. Regarding changing to the new tablet profile - you will need to wipe out your current .e folder in your home folder. Regarding touch screen config, make a post on the forums for that one :)

    As far as ecomorph goes, there is a link to a HOWTO for setting it up in the post above.

  16. Jeff,

    good work on Bodhi. Really like it so far.
    I've run it only in VirtualBox on an Ubuntu 10.10 host.
    2 things I would love to see in next versions:
    * 64 bit version (not so mucht for the DE, but more for the applications that can use it)
    * a simple theme. I really dislike alle the drop shadows and gradient things everywhere. aAlso fonts are small compared to icons and sliders.
    I'm just a user myself, and not a designer nor a porgrammer. So I can't help.
    All I want is a clutter free and fast desktop environment. Yours and CrunchBang are on the shortlist....
    Again, your efforts are much appreciated.

  17. 64 bit is on the long term TODO list.

    As far as themes go have you seen the default and illume themes that come stock with Bodhi? They are both really simple. Drop shadows are optional and can be disabled by unloading the module. All text on the system can also be scaled up/down in the settings as well.

  18. hangs at Loading /casper/initrd.gz......ready.
    machine is ibm 9645-q5u.

  19. Just to testify that Bodhi 1.1 did NOT crashed the wireless connection on Aspire-One Netbooks as hapened with recent 11.04 Ubuntu related updates. Great.

    However, had Enlightenment suddenly lost page selection capability, and that was the reason to try XFCE over the Bodhi base. MARVELOUS! It uses only 92MB, with some extra items from XFCE goodies (batery, system load monitors and clipboard manager)

    So this makes Bodhi the best base for a low resource XFCE system. Thanks for making that possible (is this the lowest XFCE pc or am I deluded?)

    This A-one (after starting to load) takes 25 sec to load. And then 5 seconds to load the user environment, be it E-gui or XFCE.

    That's all, and it was a very pleasant finding.

  20. Just to note that a 64 bits version does not make any sense.

    But a E-libs and XFCE does make sense.
    This because the E17 GUI is annoying to many people, and XFCE is both light, speedy and powerful.

    Maybe the result I posted an hour ago is the result of a particular mix of E + XFCE. However, the loading speed shows to be there something more... and to keep.

    After seaching for other XFCE testimonies Ive found references to 70MB in the #! distro.
    But those were with libraries yet to load, when in Bodhi+XFCE it is all there and that makes the 5 sec when loading used environment.

    So I wonder what is really happening, but it is surely something to share and spread. And to many, much more appealing than E17 for a long time ("everything" sucks, sorry but it is true).

  21. what is the system requirement? my computer Piii CPU, 128MB, 20GB HD,can I install?

  22. Maybe. The installation process is more RAM demanding than the system alone.

    RAM apart, a PIII is more than enough.

    So you are advised to have as much RAM as you can as 128MB may be limiting to the applications you will certainly try to use. This is not a system requirement, but depending on your usage.

    Browsers, for example, demand a lot or RAM.
    Try to add another similar 128MB to be safe.
    If in doubt, try the Live CD or Puppy Linux.

    I do also use a PIII, but I have 256MB and using 153MB with Chromium Browser and XFCE as windows manager over a Bodhi installation.