Monday, May 30, 2011

Bodhi Linux Service Pack 1 Ready to Go

As you may know the Bodhi Linux team and I recently released the first update release for our 1.0.0 version. One of the things Bodhi does differently from other distributions is that we make offline application installation easy. With this in mind each of our Bodhi updates will be accompanied a few days later by a "Service Pack". The service pack is a single file that handles seamlessly updating an offline Bodhi Linux computer.

For those looking to download and install the Bodhi Service Pack One, you can obtain the .bod file from here.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Installation instructions can be found under the title "download installer" at this link:

  2. Offline updates... Way to go Jeff! I like your .bod strategy as it saves me the hassle of "apt-get install -d" and continuously monitoring my cache.

  3. I'll go to sleep tonight thinking what kind of world would we live in if there were a few more people with your way of thinking.
    Appreciate your work.You rule Jeff don't ever stop ;)