Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sometimes I just want my Computer to Work!

Many people read and left comments on the recent post I wrote about my poor experience using the Fedora IRC channel. Lots of people left comments agreeing with what I had said, many also left comments to the opposite effect.

I was told I let me ego get in the way (highly possible, it is fairly large).

I was told I shouldn't make such comments about other projects since I am the lead developer of Bodhi Linux.

I was reminded by several, that yes I was wrong to want to use a root file manager to access my data.

I was told I shouldn't post "hyper-sensitive rants" about things I disagree with.

It was suggested that using a root file manager to browse a dieing hard drive equated to cutting a stick of butter with a chainsaw.

And of course I was reminded that the people offering the jeers in the #Fedora channel are volunteers offering their services free of charge.

All valid points in some sense I am sure. At any rate I’d like to thank everyone that takes the time to read my (some times emotionally charged and written on little sleep) posts. I’d also like to say you are not required to read them. I don’t plan to stop writing about technology topics I feel need to be addressed any time soon (no matter whose feathers I may ruffle in the process). It is nothing personal. This is simply a personal blog - not an official form of anything by any means.

I would also like to extend an extra thank you to the few Fedora community members that commented to apologize for the harshness of the IRC channel.

At the end of the day folks remember - computers are just a tool. A tool we sometimes simply want to “just work”. Until the Linux community as a whole wakes up and realizes this as a whole (I know more than a few already have) we will continue to remain simply a no-name operating system in the desktop market. But again, this is just my opinion on things. If anyone is crazy enough to take my words as truth - that is their fault.

~Jeff Hoogland


  1. Jeff - Its a blog, personal views get thrown in there from time to time. You also started the post with

    "Fair warning - I am about to go off on a rant here."

    I think that covers all your bases. Also 99% of your posts are quality, helpful, and informations posts.

    Just my 2 cents


    PS: You do have a big ego...

  2. First of all I totally agree with you on both with this and previuos post.
    Second, you need a big ego to lead any kind of project.... ;)

  3. "It was suggested that using a root file manager to browse a dieing hard drive equated to cutting a stick of butter with a chainsaw."

    LOL! I was thinking more along the lines of throwing a stick of dynamite into a swimming pool full of jello, but its about the same effect.

    Not that I haven't done it myself! I loved the old SuSE wallpaper for a root login - large lit fuse bombs on a red background with giant yellow warning signs. Of course, that wallpaper didn't stop me for a second from totally trashing my system...

  4. I agree...I'd like my linux computer to just work...
    Something that hasn't happened yet. There's always a problem of glitch.

  5. Personally I think the vast majority of rabid users in #Fedora are plants from other groups to make it look bad. I have used Fedora since day one as I was on RH before that and I can tell you for a good number of years the channel was nothing like it is now. Its actually been worse than it is now. Its so bad that I left the channel many years ago and I go back perhaps a couple times a year to ask what tend to be very technical questions. I get rabid responses about 30% of the time. The Fedora Forums on the hand are a far more responsive and productive forum. Freenode in general in my opinion has degraded greatly in the past decade. Its almost approaching an Ef/Under Net nature.

  6. It's because people like you complain and rant about stuff not working or not being as good as it could be that Linux exists.
    If nobody said anything we would all be using windows and not realizing the full potential of our computers.

    No offense but why do blog writers always blame their bad posts on being sleep deprived ;)